Jan 31, 2013

Is It Necessary To Use Special Cleaner For Your V?

Ahak. this is awkward but i think every ladies out there should know about this. even i have to go and google about this issue before sharing it in here. i don't want to go down the wrong road and i don't want other ladies out there to follow my track.

now, i saw an article about Miss V having to go for special cleaners in the market and i know there are a lot of advertisement on TV which suggest that we ladies have to have at least one at home but is it really necessary?

before anyone answer that, let's just look at the few things that i found.

well, our V is made by God to keep itself clean with the help of discharge *i hate discharge but now i know its a a good thing!* so we don't have to douche. FYI, douche is the act of rinsing our V. that means by rinsing out our V, the bacteria in there, which helps to maintain the health of our V are rinsed out too! that means, our V will tend to be on itself! there won't be any "body guards" in there to protect our little sister.

therefore, these are the few ways to make sure your Miss V stays healthy and clean. =D

Do watch out your diet too and drink lots of water. it influence our V too.

1. Get to know your V.
We know how our hand, our legs, our other body parts look like but our Miss V is also a part of our body so do get to know "her". get a mirror and explore your V. once you know what is where, you will be able to tell if something goes wrong.

2. Don't need to douche or use any special cleaners.
You just have to wash the outer part of your V with a mild soap *un-perfumed type* and warm water during your shower. those "special cleaners" can sometimes ruin your V normal balance of bacteria and cause problems. if you think there is an odor which don't seem natural, then maybe it's time for you ladies to head over to the gynae for a check-up. it may be infection. FYI, our V do smell musky.

3. Discharge is normal when it's clear.
It is known that our V is mucus membrane which means that fluid are suppose to be there so it's normal when there are a few spots on your underwear. for me, i use small pads so that it would not effect my everyday life and my underwear would be much easier to wash.

4. Changers in discharge can mean an infection.
now, there are many kind of infection so for everyone's information, if discharge don't look normal, do please do go and visit the gynae. i'm sure no one wants their V to be in trouble right?

there. a few steps in keeping our V healthy.

back to the question, i don't think it is necessary. it can be optional but i think if we really want our V to have a special cleaner, do take care in choosing your products. if it is causing problems for you, do stop using it then. what is more important than your V's health right compare to a few bucks?

have a happy Thursday. =D

P/S: V stands for vagina, the private part of a female homo-sapiens. =______=

credits: http://answers.yahoo.com/http://women.webmd.com/http://www.nhs.uk/

Jan 30, 2013

Wonder how "Sleek and Pump" got its name?

A new day for a new topic. since this blog smells new, why not post about how she got her's name huh? *i know this is a blog so suppose to use "it" but since its pink AND it's my baby, i assume it's a she* 

Ya know each time we do a blog, we have to choose a name and of course someone wants a name which is catchy and easy to remember. my previous blog was named "Watch Me Live My Life" cause i just want people to see how my life was but then after so many things happened in my life, i realize, i just want a simple life and i want everything to be simple. 

therefore, this new baby was name something simple. ouh. i wanted a blog which is sleek. something like, Hanis Zalikha,  Maria Elena, and of course Shazwani Hamid's Blog blog. and if you do notice, their blogs are black and white. yeah. initial, i wanted that to be my theme too. it's not that i hate pink but i think i should grow up and face reality that there are more black and white than pink. *i still love pink* besides, it is uni-sex colors right? *i'm not trying to be bias. guys can use pink too*

anyway, i did try to search for that type of template but i couldn't find it. well, maybe they did use other people service when i try not to spend any money for this blog *saving money mood on* so i can only  take whatever that i can. 

now, i found this template and decided that this suits me very well. *at that time* it is sleek enough for me. *i hope my readers think that too* and since i got myself a word, "Sleek" and i told myself i love pumps, why not name my blog "Sleek and Pump"

there. a name for this new blog. 

maybe you can combine a word with your favorite food? it can turn out very suitable for your blog name! 

ouh. you can check out this blog >click<. this blog is the blog that helps me out in choosing a good name. 

Wordless Wednesday #3

myohmy. it's the third week since i launch this blog huh? one more week then i will pop confetti. haha. today, let's just focus on wordless Wednesday.

Marilyn Monroe. an actress whom i love.

Wordless Wednesday- On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the 'wordless' title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn't need any description.

Jan 29, 2013

Blog Have to Go to Hospital

seriously. i'm not kidding. this template of mine has way many problems.

first of all, there is a ">" symbol right at the top left of my blog. i don't know what the hell is that and i check the html but can't seems to find the problem. dammit.

second, my "follow" button on the top right of this blog. i just found out that bloggers who had followed more than 300 blogs can't follow my blog by using that button. damn that button. it looks cute but it's also making me losing my beloved readers. hehe.

third, i DO love this template of mine right now. it suits the name of this blog. it's sleek enough to be pump. however, there are many things which i can't do. example are like, doing more decoration in here. this template is like a dead template. it can't be moved or altered once it is involve in your blog. haihh. so sad.

i wish i have the skills of becoming a real damn good html editor than i don't have to spend money on asking someone to edit it for me. well, when you are broke, all you have to do is use the help of mr. google and try my best to treat this blog back into health. *sigh*

mama is sad. please baby blog, do get well soon. =(

P/S: Will be editing blog in this few days so if there is any malfunction, i'm so sorry. 

Update: the "follow" button has been removed. the followers widget is back in its place but the f***ing ">" is still there. i just don't know how to remove that arrow so i guess i will bear with it for a little while. maybe a few months later, then only decide if want to change the whole template or not.

Happy blogging peeps! =)

#4 Giveaway Day Challenge

i was walking through my blog list when i came upon this post so i decided to try my luck too. =D

the initial picture couldn't display so no banner provided so i decided to use mr. google help. hehe.

do click the banner if you want to join. =)

the closing date is on 30th January 2013.

Santa Maria Fire

It's a disaster. i know that around the world, there are people dying each day but this is massive! 231 bodies! piling on each other! that's crazy! how can this happen? furthermore, most of these people are university students, which means they are young people with a future in front of them. haihh. it's so sad when things like this happen.

my heart goes out to the family. ="(

Brazilian police have detained two owners of the nightclub where 231 people died at the weekend as recriminations began after the country's deadliest fire in more than half a century.
Amid growing anger about the catalogue of fatal errors and negligence that led up to the disaster in Santa Maria, investigators are also questioning two members of the band whose pyrotechnic stage show is believed to have sparked the blaze early on Sunday morning.
The Brazilian government declared three days of mourning for the victims, most of whom were students in a southern city known for its universities. Dozens of funerals took place on Monday. Hundreds more are due in the days ahead. The makeshift mortuary in the local sports centre is now filled with coffins.
Doctors said 80 survivors remained in serious condition, some with burns, many with lung damage caused by inhaling toxic fumes, and others with injuries sustained in the stampede to escape the blaze in the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria.
"It is a tragedy for all of us," said the president, Dilma Rousseff, who cut short meetings in Chile to fly to Santa Maria – her hometown – to visit survivors and console those who lost loved ones.
The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, released a statement expressing his "condolences to the families and friends of those whose lives were lost, as well as to the Brazilian government and people at large at this time of national mourning".
FIFA cancelled plans to celebrate the 500-day countdown to the 2014 World Cup.
The focus of the authorities is now shifting towards the investigation. "We're going to find out who was responsible," vowed Tarso Genro, state governor of the Rio Grande do Sul. Several detentions have already been made, he said, to ensure "this will never happen again."
Among those being questioned are two members of the band, Gurizada Fananguiera, who were on stage when the fire begin. Fire department officials say the performers raised three flares, one of which ignited foam-like soundproofing material on the ceiling.
Vocalist Marcelo de Jesus dos Santos and production engineer Luciano Bonilha have been taken into custody. No charges have been brought, but, under Brazilian law, the police have five days to question the detainees.
The guitarist, Rodrigo Martins, told Globo TV network the band had never had problems before with what he called the "Sputnik" pyrotechnics machine even though it had often been used in smaller venues. He suggested the fire might have been caused by a short-circuit.
"I thought I was going to die there. There was nothing I could do, with the fire spreading and people screaming in front," he said.
The band's accordion player, Danilo Jaques, was killed when he tried to get back inside the club to retrieve his instrument.
Elissandro Spohr, a co-owner of the club, and one of his partners are also in police custody, according to domestic newspapers.
Much of the public anger has been generated by reports alleging lax safety measures at the Kiss nightclub. As well as allowing fireworks on stage, the managers have been accused of failing to provide sufficient emergency exits, fire extinguishers and back-up lighting. The club's operating permit from the fire department expired in August and was in the process of being renewed.
With only one exit, there was a panic to escape. Several witnesses quoted in the local media said security guards initially blocked the way out because they mistook the stampede for a fight and feared customers were trying to leave without paying. The custom in many Brazilian clubs is to run up a tab and pay on the way out.
A security guard tried to tackle the fire with an extinguisher but it failed to work properly. Amid the smoke and confusion many people appear to have mistaken toilet signs for emergency exits, according to firemen who found victims piled up in the toilets.
Bereaved relatives are demanding justice, which could result in lawsuits against the authorities.
"We can't trust in the ability of city hall, or the police, or anybody who permits a party with more a thousand people under these conditions," Erica Weber, who was accompanying her daughter to a funeral for one of her classmates, told Associated Press.
The state of the nightclub's safety measures was far from exceptional – for Brazil or elsewhere. There were death tolls of 100 or more in entertainment venue fires in Rhode Island in 2003, Argentina in 2004 and Russia in 2009. But as the second deadliest fire in Brazil's history, the tragedy in Santa Maria looks likely to provoke some soul-searching about the dangers of inadequate investment in infrastructure.
Many have also already begun drawing a connection to wider systemic problems of negligence and corruption that raise concerns about Brazil's ability to host the World Cup and Olympics.
The opinion writer Igor Gielow wrote that it was sad and symbolic that the tragedy occurred on the same day that the first of the venues renovated for the World Cup – the Castelão stadium in Fortaleza – staged its first game.
"This was intended to inaugurate a new phase in mass entertainment in Brazil and to sell the idea that our country has the organisational capacity to host large, global events, but reality showed its face at the nightclub Kiss," he wrote in the Folha de São Paulo.
Others speculated about possible corruption or lax oversight. Reinaldo Azevedo, writing on the Veja news website, asked why the fire department had previously approved a venue with only one exit. "Our grief must also exercise wrath," he wrote. "This is not a tragedy manufactured by chance. It is the work of a chain of negligence."


credits: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/28/brazil-nightclub-fire-police-question


last sunday, i just visited him in the hospital. posted here <click> he was looking real sick at that time but i did not expect him to go up to the Lord this fast.

when i woke up, mom came and told me that he had passed away this morning around 10am. ouh God. though i don't really know him and his family but knowing someone in our circle has passed away, it's not a nice feeling at all.

his wake will last for three days from today. mom told that his body would be burn. i wonder if we are going for the funeral. i hate to see scene like that. it makes tears swell up in my eyes. boo me.

sending my condolence to this family. r.i.p uncle. ="(

Happy Birthday My Darling Sha

21 years ago, a noble mother gave birth to a little baby. thanks to her's "hard work" i got myself a friend, a sister from a different mother, a listener, a sharer, a scolder *i don't think this is english* who loves me, a best friend forever. 

some friendships begin from the age of 5 and end when they died but our friendship? it begins 8 years ago. some may say that our relationship is still new but i would say that our friendship would last us till death do us part. 

she is a friend who is there when i have problems with other best friends. she was there when i have trouble with things at home though she have her own problems. she was there when i was home sick in matriculation. she was there when i have to call her late at night crying over some random stuff *it was serious to me at that time. LOL.* she was there when i went through problems that i wanted no one to bothered me. she was there all this time. 

i pray that our relationship will never end. our friendship will never turn to strangers. i don't want this friendship of ours to ever ever died. if it is possible, i want our children to continue to have a bond with each other. i just don't want this relationship to end. 

so, to my dear-beloved-darling-sister-BFF i just want to wish you a veryveryvery Happy 21st Birthday! may  good health, wealth, and wisdom accompany you always. may God bless you in everything that you touches. i love you so much my dear!

a bible verse for you *hope you won't mind*

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. In all things acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your way. Proverbs 3:5-6

this is one of my favorite verse. i believe everything happens for a reason and i believe we became friends for a  reason too. God bless! I LOVE YOU~!

Eunice GM. =)

Beautiful- Christina Aguilera

Ya know the drama Smash? it's going to be air on channel 5 soon but i think by that time, i would be back in university. *sigh* while there is a adv on it, this song was played so i was excited by the words.

"Don't you bring me down today." 

it suits my mood for this week. =D

i am feeling a little low. the new semester is starting soon. my weight has not gone down yet. i have to meet new people who are going to comment and talk about the new girl in class *which in this case is me* and i don't feel that i'm ready for all that shit. anyway, this song is inspiring for me. every girl is beautiful. all those korean girls who are skinny and pretty? that's just the outside. look within. *a note to myself*

dedicated to all who feels a little down or ugly this week. cheer up guys. there are better things to look forward to. keep smiling! =)


Don't look at me

Every day is so wonderful
Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down... Oh no
So don't you bring me down today

To all your friends you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The pieces gone, left the puzzle undone
That's the way it is

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down, oh, no
So don't you bring me down today...

No matter what we do
(no matter what we do)
No matter what we say
(no matter what we say)
We're the song inside the tune
Full of beautiful mistakes

And everywhere we go
(and everywhere we go)
The sun will always shine
(sun will always shine)
And tomorrow we might wake on the other side

We are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won't bring us down
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring us down, oh, no
So don't you bring me down today

Oh, yeah, don't you bring me down today, yeah
Don't you bring me down ooh... today

Jan 28, 2013

Manic-Monday #2

i had mistaken the day i posted Manic-Monday #1 as monday. haihh. this is what happens when i get real busy. days get mixed up and everything looks okay till 4 days later.

okay. let's get back to the topic. it's monday today. a real monday. haha. and emerald green is in for 2013. haihh. my new nail polish is not emerald green but i don't care. it's still green. =D

go green for CNY! =D

i'm now thinking if green matches the floral dress that i will be wearing this CNY. hmm.

credits: http://www.indianvanitycase.com/2010/12/bloop-my-famous-green-nail-polish.html

Blog Walking All Day Long

nah. not the whole day. i did stop for branch and toilet breaks. this broadband is super slow so it was tiring. i have to open each blog one by one and wait for it to finish loading. thank God some are light enough but too bad for those who are too heavy, once my patience runs out, i'm so clicking the "X" symbol. LOL.

anyway, since this blog is a new blog and i am an old blogger, i started my own principle in blog walking. i don't want to make the same mistakes that i had made like i did with my old blog. some people followed and when you followed back, by the end of the day, they un-followed you and you are stuck to their annoying post about their life. *excuse me*

so, i joined this segmen and the list of contestants are out *hope i win something* so i did some blog walking. out of 19 groups, i did 4 groups *which means 40 blogs* and i did it from below. *too bad for the front group* it was tiring but i did ended up following 2 blogs. geez. *sounds lame huh? 2 our of 40?*

let's get to business. i'm going to list down what i hate during blog walking.

1. Music in blog.
i listen to music *own playlist* when i do BW cause it's much fun that way. then, i open this blog and boom! music! i will be like tergopah-gopah finding where the source came from but this time, i open one by one maa so no problem, just shut it up ASAP. haihh. if it is a sentimental music, i can be forgiving but if it is korean or i-don't-know-what-gene, nah. i'm hating you.

2. It's too heavy.
i can't actually blame them for this because that is their blog right but i think other people wouldn't like that too. that means, your blog won't be getting much readers compared to those who's blog are light. there is a app to check if your blog is light or heavy so do use it once in a while. some stuff are cool but what's the use if there's no one reading your blog?

Update: http://www.iwebtool.com/speed_test
*mine loads in 0.26 sec. seriously? that fast?*

3. Too colorful.
haha. again i'm criticizing the owners huh? *sorry* i just can't take it. haha. ever heard of too many cooks spoil the broth? yeah. too many colors spoil the blog. haha.

4. Introduction starts with "i'm an ordinary girl/boy".
ladies and gentlemen *if there's any* no one is ordinary in this world. everyone is unique. some may say that they are ordinary but when you get to know them, their true colors comes out. haha. i think the-girl/boy-next-door is much suitable for it huh?

well, it's their blogs anyway. maybe there are people who don't like the way i handle my blog too. haha. it's a #justsaying moment so...WHAT-EVER! =D

ouh. i think i have to do something about this blog. there seems to be a small mistake in html. i hate editing so that have to wait till the day where i have the mood to do so.

happy monday!

Trip to Hospital

wow. i think i can make a label about hospital. haha. my life has been so evolve with it these past few months. fuhh. i just hope all this will not continue. *sigh*

anyway, today's trip to the hospital was not about me or any family members but it was a sad event. *sigh*

an uncle, whom mom said i saw him before *but i don't remember* during CNY. he fall into a stroke and it's fully paralyze  he is an brother-in-law to mom's best friend so we just go there to... respect? i wasn't even ready for a trip to hospital. it was a government hospital and i was so scared that the guard wouldn't let me in with my outfit. fuhh. thank God he did not come after me after seeing who i was visiting. fuhh. *wipe sweats*

well, back to the topic. when i got to his bed, there were many people. i think...more than 10? that includes his family and friends. mom, dad and auntie rush to his bedside while deon and i linger at the other side of another bed. it was his family moment! can't expect me to go to his bedside wadd.

besides that, it was a sad scene. my tears swell up in my eyes each time i see the family crying over him, asking him to wake up. it was so sad but my silly brother can laugh and asked me, "why are you crying?" =________= silly him. can't people be sensitive? tsk.

well, i just prayed hard that nothing will happen to him but at the same time, isn't it better if he leaves right now? haihh. i don't know. its a sad thing when this happen to someone close.

i just hate that scene.

Jan 27, 2013

Segmen Top Up by Blogger Emas Putih

Segmen Top Up by Blogger Emas Putih.

My first segmen. hope i'm having the lucky strike? LOL.

It's ending on 30th January 2013, Wednesday, 11.59pm. *be quick!*

the prizes are interesting for me. ahakz. ;)

A new dress!

each Sunday has been a day where our family will hang out somewhere for two hours till deon finish his tuition class. this time, while taking lunch, i did something different. i asked mom and dad for a new dress. =D

 i gave away all my dress and many cute blouse as i think its best to buy new clothes in 2013 *chehh* but after 27 days in January, i only got myself a few new clothes. =______= *no budget*

we went to Danga City Mall and there were not many clothes shops there but there is one boutique which caught my eye. ;)

i fell in love with vintage stuff since don't know when and i just love the look of vintage clothing. they look so ladylike! lace, floral, auuuw! ><

i went into this shop, Papillon, and it was totally vintage style. their fitting rooms are awesome! *forgot to take a picture though* there were so many cute tees! there's even a tee with Eiffel tower plus lace on it! it cost rm50. nah. too pricey. some other time. hehe.

then, i saw a rack at the side, it looks like they were being abandoned by customers  haha. my sentence sounds exaggerating. LOL. guess what.

i saw a maxi flora dress! omo! it's a mix floral plus a little lace maxi dress! and! ANNND! THE BEST PART IS....IT'S 50% DISCOUNT!! OMO!

the original price is rm109 but after discount, it's about rm50 plus! a material like that? nah-ah. one maxi dress that i own is rm80. this is a must-grab so i did grab it. =D

its much longer than it looks in the picture. can't wait to wear it! =D

so now, i don't have to worry about having a new dress for lunar new year! =D *do the woohoo dance*

BTW, i went to Metro, to the shoes centre and there was a heels which cost rm259. fuhh. that is so over my shoe budget but...but..but..it's super comfy! i was too engrossed with the comfort of it that i fail to take down its name. well, forget it. i guess i can only buy those shoes when i'm earning my own money. haha.

have a happy monday! ;)

Jan 26, 2013

Manic- Monday #1

it's my first post on this. well, seventeen magazine and other fashion magazines are tweeting this so why can't i blog about this huh? it's one of my favorite things of being a girl anyway.

i did this for the weekend. it was also a new color which i just added into my collection so decided to be a little feminine this weekend.

the colors used are vanilla silk and white added with base coat and top coat of course. these are important.

ahak! i'm loving it! =D

Jan 25, 2013

The cute little missing boy might be found

I'm sure everyone knows about the little boy who went missing. his picture was everywhere on the news and papers. almost all the political teams put their effort in it to find this missing boy. 

anyway, i just saw it here and decided to post about it. 

i don't know if i should hope that that is the young boy or not. if that is not him, it means, that he is still out there waiting for his parents to come for him. if that is him, i'm sure his parents heart would break into pieces. ouh God. this is such a hard time for the whole family. even me, a stranger is speechless when this hit the news.

i remembered once in 2009, something like this happen to a young girl. she went missing and her's body was found. though her's body was found, those bad ass people had done horrible things to her. it's just so heartbreaking when something like this happen in our nation.  it's just so sad when things turn out this way. 

my heart goes out to this family. =(

My Wish List (Bucket List)

I'm sure everyone have one but how many people can actually fulfilled their wishes in their life? not many i guess. i hope and pray hard that i can fulfilled it all. =D

1. A ticket to Paris.
To be specific, i want to visit Eiffel Tower in Paris. I love traveling but since i am not a rich man kid and if one day, one fine day, if there is a choice, this is the place that i want to visit before i died. plus points, Paris is an ideal place for shopping!

2. Do children's mission in Cambodia.
well, actually, anywhere in the world but my heart stood out for Cambodia. There are many children who are in need for help and i really want to go and help them in any kind that i can give them.

3. Buy my first house.
by saying first house, i meant i want to have other houses. geez. i'm a greedy girl huh? i want to buy my first house by the river if that is possible *permas area* but i think by the time i have the money, other beautiful places had come out so why worry? i just want a house. when i was much younger, i wish i can buy a house which cost half a million but right now *i'm much matured* i think i just want to buy a house which fits me.

4. Buy mom an Osim's massage chair.
she has always been there for me since i came to this harsh world and i had promised her that i would save up so that i can buy her this one day. i think this is the first thing that i'm gonna buy when i had earn enough. my mom needs a pampering chair at home. haha.

5. Go bungee jumping.
I am the adventure type so of course i can't say no to this. i just have to do this in my life! ya know, You Only Live Once? YOLO! =D

6. Climb up Kota Kinabalu Mountain and touch the peak.
I can't do Mount Everest i think so i guess Kota Kinabalu is okay for me. hehe. anyway, the lowest peak will be good for me. i just want to see the sun rise and see down below. woohoo! the though of it just makes me excited. haha.

7. Grab a backpack, travel around the world.
This is the last cause i have to get a man to do this together. *damn* mom and dad don't want me running around in a foreigner place and if something happen to me, i wouldn't want them to worry anyway. better get a man who is full of adventure so that we both can accomplish this together. #ehh

well, i think that's all. might be more to come but right now, that's all i want to do before i die. this is like my bucket list huh? =D *thus the tittle*

A Dream About the Girls

I slept about 1.30am last night and got up around 10am cause i heard mom asking deon to wake up and study so i got up, go to the ladies for a relieve and head in back to sleep under the blanket. it was a cold morning though its 10am. this is where it all started.

now, the interesting part. =D

I dream that the girls, let's use their nick names, Sha, Reshie, AF, and me were at a destination. it was like a shopping mall but at the same time, its like a shipyard. i don't really get it right now when i'm awake. haha. i remembered that we have to change and we all went into the toilet to change but the problem is the toilet is in a ship like thing. inside, the each cubicle has a girl who helps you to bath. yeah! weird dream. i was naked and i kept asking that girl to go out but she wouldn't leave me! she kept talking to me, asking me questions and i felt shy so i ran out from the toilet.

then, i met up with the girls and took our begs and wanted to leave that place but AF asked me to change into baju kurung. ouh yea. reshie was wearing baju kurung too! *she don't wear baju kurung in reality* so, i went into the toilet again, but this time, there's no one in there. i took the blouse of the baju kurung, and put it on me *without wearing it* and then i noticed that my reflection is not having the same color of dress as me. i ran out and tell the girls what had happen and suddenly, the toilet aka the ship, fall down! yeah! it fall down and everyone was in a shock!

i quickly change into my baju kurung right there in front of the girls and i accidently put down the bag on the floor, and AF scolded me for that. she said her's camera is in it and her's mommy pictures are all gone. *super weird* then, suddenly there are people shouting and asking us to shoot arrows  i grab one but my archery skills was not good at all in the dream *just what i expected in reality* and Reshie asked me to grab a rattan basket and cover all of us. Sha was good at archery and she started shooting at whatever which is shooting us. Reshie and I kept holding on to the baskets and i could see the arrows so clearly in my dream! it was super sharp! and i kept holding on to the basket like that was my ending of my life. it was so hectic and people were screaming everywhere!

then, suddenly, i woke up. damn that dream. just when the excited part started. haha.

well, one thing for sure, that dream is one super scary dream. how on earth can we girls start taking archery skills laa? and all this adventures took place in 2 hours! ohmy. what a dream. good to be back in reality though in reality, i have my own problems. haha.

so, anyone want to interpret for me what does my dream means? =)

I did. i will conclude it with i'm super nervous with the upcoming events, and i'm missing them.

However, this is what i get.

naked and watched by someone- i am afraid that people can see right through me. 
childhood friends- regression into my past where i had no responsibilities  wanting to escape the pressures and stresses of adulthood.
fear- temporary and fleeting worries.
archery- i'm setting my goals and planning my direction in life. 
a ship- the course of my life. mine crush down so i guess this sucks. i was fighting so i guess i was fighting for my course of life?
being scolded- being inhibited and prevented from full expressing myself in some area of my life.

well, to put it into simple words, let's just say that dreams are a game of the mind. =D
"Dreams, they are who I am when I'm too tired to be me."- Jarod Kintz.

credits: http://www.dreamsleep.net  http://www.dreammoods.com

Jan 24, 2013

A Visit to the Hospital

I went to the hospital today. ahh. memories. haha. one of my dad's cousin daughter *my second cousin* was admitted into hospital. went for a light breakfast and bought some fruits over for her. should have thought of buying magazine for her cause we got to know that she's going to stay for a long time in there. *sigh*

well, the story goes like this:

she is a left-handed person. while she was playing hockey with her's right hand, she was having difficulty with that so with her friends advice, she used her's left hand for the first time to play hockey. suddenly, her's right leg swing into a abnormal position and everyone thought that she fractured her's leg. who knows she have to be sent to the main hospital and after doing a x-ray, doctors said that there is a growth in her's bone and that they have to cement it till the 29th of January so that they can do a scan on it and after that, if it is still a serious matter, the doctors have to take her buttocks bone and replace it. i don't really understand but i do know that i don't want anything to happen to her.

she drew us a picture of how her bone look like now but i did not remember to take a photo of it. it looks cute. haha. maybe its because of the drawing. hee.

anyway, we prayed for her and please keep praying for her. pray that she would not have to go through the operation. every operation is dangerous, it doesn't matter if they are major or minor operations, it's still dangerous when the doctor cut open your skin.

Our picture together at a family outing in the year 2011 if not mistaken. she is the first from the right. Get well soon girl!

Jan 23, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials for University

I will be going back to university soon in less than a month and so, i have to get ready my clothes for the coming "new refreshing start" in my life. after going for a break for a semester is more than enough i think. i need to get back on track and continue my journey to being a HR-whatever-related-job.

so, i decided to make a list of what i'm bringing into university in my luggage.

Must Have

3-4 pairs of jeans.
3-4 pairs are enough i guess as long they are not the same type of design and that they fit just nice on the ass. *forgive my use of word* no one will really care if you wear yesterday jeans but once a while, a change of blue jeans to white jeans might pull attraction while walking to class. geez.

4-6 pairs of t-shirt.
ya know university is kind of strict with the rules of wearing a t-shirt but sometimes, i just wear a tee and put on a jacket on top and poof, i manage to get across the office. *sometimes* better to stick with a nice looking plain t-shirt. it makes us blend in anyway. *i'm not the type of person who seeks attention with my clothes on some days*

1-3 cardigans.
this is so useful! on a lazy day, just throw on a pair of tank or spaghetti strips *which don't show bust line* and poof, you look chic for class!

1-2 nice/cute tops.
if you think that today is the day where you will meet your crush, wear this! don't go for tight or low-cut though cause you wouldn't want the lecturer attention on you right? just enough for the guy-in-the-cafe to notice you.

A nice pair of pants.
this is for those days where you have to do presentation in front of the whole lecture hall or when it is formal day. i don't usually wear this as i'm more to the baju kurung girl so at least i can save money on this.

A nice formal blouse.
ahah. this is also for presentation or formal day but i hate wearing something which is tight and neat. it's like i'm in a confine place so i rather wear a baju kurung which i can sit how i like in it. if i am a neat girl, i would splurge for a good blouse that can last till i'm ready to hit the big girl job.

2 pair of baju kurung.
this is malaysia so why not have some cultural clothes in your wardrobe? i always buy my baju kurung from Fair lady as its the most convenient for me but if you want something unique, and mind when someone is wearing the same clothing as you, buy the cloth that you like from any cloth shops, and get a good tailor to sew it for you.

Bra and Panties.
this is important. don't think that just because it's inside, no one is going to see it, you should simple grab one. if i wear a good bra and panties *plus marks if they are matching colors* i would feel like i'm the queen of the world *though i'm not* and confidence shows! get a black, a nude, and a white. this are the 3 important colors that you need in your wardrobe.

A proper bag.
well, i'm still a student so i don't splurge on bags like my mom does *except shoes* so i just get a rm50 bag which have 3 components, big enough to put my pencil box, purse, lotion, lip gloss and phone. ouh. and a small notepad. done. don't have to spend rm3500 for a channel bag. *i don't know the actual price* if you are in the sport look most of the day, get a backpack. *just like school days*

Jacket and hoodie.
i pack one of each item cause a jacket can be use for a cold weather in the lecture hall and a hoodie for a night class. don't wear the hoodie everywhere though. you might look lost. i got a hoodie jacket which i love to bits! it's purple and pink so it attracts attraction and it keeps me warm! especially when i'm going to study at the library till late nights. it really helps.

1-2 pairs of cute flats.
most of my friends go for black but i go for nude and a striking color. i know it's like a sign of rebel but i don't like black flats. it looks so formal but it's much better if you have a black flats, it can be useful for formal events.

A pair of black heels.
i use this for formal events. hah. that also depends on who is the lecturer. if he/she is someone who don't care on what we wear on our feet, i would go with flats, but if there is an interview  why not? you wanna look tall, confident, and lady like right? go with pumps then.

3-6 pairs of shorts.
this is for dorm time. ladies, admit it. this is the best thing to sleep in! i hate sleeping in long pants. it's so annoying to my skin. ouh, and do you know that the best way for your skin is by sleeping naked? i read it somewhere in a health article. since you can't sleep naked, why say no to shorts?

A nice dress.
this is reserved for special events in university. since our country majority is malays, try to find something which cover up more of our skin. you wouldn't want to look like a stranger in a event where most people are wearing less-skin-reveal dress.

A cute dress.
hah. this is for dates with girlfriends or that special guy. ya know what i meant. ;)

3 pairs of track suits.
this is important cause sometimes, when you don't have time to play dress up, or in a rush of a informal meeting, match this with a cute tee and off you go. it can be use for work up session too.

A cute flip flop.
this is for the walk down to the cafe or off to the nearest mamak stall.

A toilet scandals.
make sure you get a non-slippery type cause you might get into an accident in the toilet. i have the habit of not mixing my normal flip flop with my toilet scandals cause i'm so obsessive in cleanness? haha.

A pair of scandals.
i bought one from padini and i think it makes a outfit looks much simple when i wear this with any outfits. it also helps when you are in the rush to the photocopy shop so why not? it's not nescesary though. only for me. :p

So there it is. that's what i think should have in a girl basic wardrobe when she is away from her family. any other ideas? =D

Wordless Wednesday #2

Let's go back to history shall we? back to the year of 2009. =)

Wordless Wednesday- On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the 'wordless' title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn't need any description. 

You're Gonna Be- Reba McEntire

I know today is suppose to be wordless wednesday but i just found this song in my playlist when i put it on shuffle and i wanna share it! =D

                                         "You're Gonna Be (Always Loved By Me)"

6lbs and 9oz. lookin' up at me
Like I have all the answers
I hope I have the ones you need
I've never really done this, now I know what scared is

Sometimes I'll protect you from everything that's wrong
Other times I'll let you just find out on your own
But that's when you'll be growin',
And the whole time I'll be knowin

You're gonna fly with every dream you chase
You're gonna cry, but know that that's okay
Sometimes life's not fair, but if you hang in there
You're gonna see that sometimes bad is good
We just have to believe things work out like they should
Life has no guarantees, but always loved by me
You're gonna be

I'm afraid you'll have to suffer through
some of my mistakes
Lord knows I'll be trying OH to give you what it takes
What it takes to know the difference
Between getting by and livin'

‘Cause anything worth doing is worth doing all the way
Just know you'll have to live with all
the choices that you make
So make sure you're always givin' way
more than you're takin'


Someone's everything
You're gonna see
Just what you are to me

You're gonna fly with every dream you chase
We just have to believe things work out like they should
Life has no guarantees, but always loved by me
You're gonna be
Always loved by me

I wanna dedicate this song to my children. geez. it's so touching song! so, next time, if any of my children found this, do know that this song is dedicated to you. =D


credits to : www.azlyrics.com

Chivalry is dead?

I woke up a little early than usual today and while watching the morning talk show on NTV7, i came across this topic. it was just a normal talk for me but then when i went into the twitter world, i came across another issue which brings me back to this topic.

well, for those who don't know what is chivalry, go google it or let me simplified for you here.

Chivalry means doing kind things for people without expecting anything back from that person. It also symbolize courtesy and do you think that this is still around? i will say yes, but not for all. out of 10 people, i will say there's only 2-3 people who still have courtesy in them. Examples of chivalry is man/woman holding out the door for someone else, giving up seats in MRT/bus, helping a lady who's tire punctured on the highway. Get what i meant?

So, do you think chivalry is dead among our community? i saw people who won't help even if you drop your things on the floor, i saw people who would not even bother holding out the door for you at the banks, they just open the door, get in and bang the door against you. *shit them*

However, i had seen young mans, around the age of 14-16, who help an old lady to climb up the stairs, give up their seats to people who are older than them in the bus and even helping to hold onto the elevator door, while waiting for another person to enter. most of the time, i noticed that people who are in the older generation, no, i would say, my generation and above me are the people that has lost this chivalry attitude. meanwhile, it's the younger people who actually have this in them. i wonder if my children's generation will have this instilled in them. hmm.

BTW, i mentioned that a issue on twitter makes me came back to this topic, now, there's this "friend" of mine who mention me saying that i had put on weight. ouh c'mon, who wouldn't put on weight when he/she is 24 hours at home with a generation who are more to the bigger size side? who wouldn't put on weight if he/she have to eat good food each day so that he/she wouldn't fall sick and get admitted into hospital? where on earth is his chivalry attitude? and don't he think that i would not have notice it? duhh- it's my body. =_______=

i would say that i'm offended by the way he put it into words. it's either he don't have the courtesy attitude, or he does not know how to put those words in a good way in proper english. even if he want to comment that, shouldn't he have use some emoticons to show that it is a friendly gesture? my friends tell me that i'm putting on weight but not in that way. guess some people just don't know how to talk. well, it's foolish of me if i pick up a fight with him, so let's just emphasize grace on him shall i? =_____=

anyway, i just hope more people will realize that this attitude of chivalry is not dead. yet. we just need to be open with it and i don't mean open with inviting a stranger into your house just because he/she help you with your grocery. what i meant was, there is time to be open and there is time to be close. *in mindset* humans nowadays are becoming more horrible than animals. mind you.

10 Guilty Pleasures

I wanted to post something for today but i just don't have any idea on what to post. well, i have a dull life so there's nothing interesting to share in here. so, i google it on the net on what to blog and poof, i found this and i think it's kind of relevant to my life and to the people around me, so why not? everyone is guilty of something but they have too much pleasure from it that they don't want to give that up.

anyway, i do want everyone to know what is the meaning of "guilty pleasure" before i begin. Some say it's doing something you enjoy, but don't want to admit it to anyone but for me, i would say that i'm embarrassed by my guilty pleasures. gosh. c'mon. let's get real shall we? everyone have their own guilty pleasures. pfft.

1. Food.
This is like the biggest issue for me. i LOVE food. japanese, korean, western, asian, whatever is on the table, as long it looks edible, then say hello to my stomach. i ate monkey and turtle before and yeah, i know that is a cruel act, but people cooked it for you and you wanna say no? it's dead anyway. *sorry*
and if the food is nice, i won't mind paying a fortune for it. that's just...me.

2. Shoes.
I am obsessed in shoes. one of my dream is to have a walk-in wardrobe with lot's of shoes in it! i don't mind having not enough clothes but not shoes! its beautiful and i think a perfect shoe can tell so many things about a lady who is owning it. well, though i love shoes, i don't usually wear them. i would buy them for display purpose and can i use the word "show off"? yeah. i love my shoes and i love it more when people admire them. *duhh. this is guilty pleasure too*

3. Nail polish.
I am a big fan of colors and i just can't say no when i past by a shop full of colors that i never had in my bag of nail polish. i just have to buy at least one to add into my collection!

4. Fried food.
i know. i know. this is in the food section but i think i would want to post about this. c'mon. tell me who don't like french fries from McDonald  fried chicken from KFC, and other fried food? fried food just enhance the flavor of that food even more!

5. Collecting old stuff.
Ouh yea. whenever i go to the movies with my friends, the tickets will be kept in a special box by the end of the day. even tissues with my blood on it, i would seal it up and keep it. *gross but true* i don't know if that is holding on to the past but what i know is this is so not good for our mental mind. well, whatever! *show hand*

6. Reading a book, texting, tweeting, while doing "business" in the ladies.
geez. this is embarrassing  only family members know about this issue of mine. when i was younger, *about age 7* i would grab a small standing fan, put it right at my toilet door, take a towel and wrap it around me and get a good book to read while i'm doing my "business". that would of course take ages and mom would come upstairs yelling at me to stop my nonsense. well, my aunt called me creative. :p
anyway, i stop doing the book reading unless i have an exam coming up. =D

7. Sleeping late and getting up late.
I think most of the teenagers do this routine of sleeping late and getting out of bed when the sun is right on the head. not me alone i hope. it's just so nice to be doing this when we have all the time in the world! without anyone asking us to wake up though but now, entering year 2013, i try to wake up before noon sets in cause i wanna catch my drama. :p

8. Staying on internet.
ouh yea! internet. the main cause of everything! i don't eat on time. i don't sleep on time. i don't bath on time. all thanks to my time wasted on the net. well, it is a good thing but when we start losing control on the time spend on the net, it becomes a god to us instead of we becoming a god to the thing.

9. Over thinking things.
Parents had asked me to stop doing this cause this is also one of the main reason why my backache always hit me. well, i can't help it! i love to over think things cause that is the only way i won't forget that i'm having troubles! when we remember that the troubles are there, we will not tend to run away from the route. i don't know if other people understand but i just know that i love to over think things.

10. Mom home cooked pork.
auuw! thinking about this makes me drool! *i just had it for dinner just now* i don't know if other moms cook this dish but this dish can make me come to my knees! it's super delicious and if mom cook a big bowl of it, i wouldn't want to share if i can do that!

so, that's my 10 guilty pleasures. do you have any? ;)

Jan 22, 2013


Blessings- The act or words of one that blesses.
              - Approval, encouragement.
              - A thing conducive to happiness or welfare.

In the old day, the word blessings is a very important word. a father who is going to die don't get a lawyer and make up a will but instead, he will call his sons into his tent and bless them with words that are sure to come to past. well, that is before Jesus died on the cross, so, let's just focused on the NOW shall we?

My brother, Deon was complaining or shall i put it as whining, about not having a bicycle, a cellphone and a motorbike. he thinks that he deserve all that at his age and nothing can stop him from having all those stuff. well, of course dad said no when it comes to bike, and a good bicycle cost a small fortune plus a cellphone at his age? of course the answer is no.

Family affairs put aside, a thought came to me. blessings. this young chap of mine forgot what is blessings. he forgot that there are other children around the world that don't have food, family, a roof over their head, and some are being abused, alone and despised by their community. he forgot that he have a nice house *though a little small*, nice food on the table everyday, nice clothes to wear, and a cellphone that can takes pictures! isn't that enough to be call bless?

people wake up each day and find themselves blind, deaf, some couldn't even get up from their bed, some who are living with cancer, family members who are dying and yet he said that he should have more?

maybe its because of the different ways my parents brought us up. he is 6 years away from me and the youngest so you sure knows what happens when there is a huge age gap between siblings. there is no second child in this house but my parents have two "first" child and one with a last child behavior. get what i meant?

i just wish that one day Deon will see that he is bless enough. i admit that our family is not the richest, or the most perfect in everything but i do know that our family have things which i can be thankful for.

Jan 20, 2013

Shopping Spree II

Part I is here so do check it out yea? see how i spend my money. boo.

well, today is a Sunday so off we went to have our date with God. it was mission Sunday and again the nation Cambodia came upon my heart. i just pray hard that this is the right thing to look forward too. today was also the day the whole church send off Crystalline off to Sydney to study in Hillsong college. all glory to God. He provided everything and his plan is ALWAYS right on time. all the best girl.

back to the topic, i did not expect that mom wanted me to buy all the household things today but since Jusco is having sales, yeah. sales. hah. she "forced" me into buying the stuff now. man. there are so many people! i hate shopping when it is crowded but that also means sales! like i said in my first post, when it comes to MY money, i would think twice about buying something and since almost everything is on sales, waah! i kept choosing the things that are cheap and good! *do the woohoo dance*

food, house hold stuff, and body care stuff are all bought. ahh. i feel good. anyway, this is my first time buying things alone in a big mall. all this time, i always go with friends or family but today i have to act all alone. i have to take the softener, dynamo, toilet paper, milo from the high shelve and other things. even when queuing up to pay at the counter, i have to do everything by myself. it was lonely. i swear i will never go shopping alone unless im needed to do so in the future. geez.

one thing which puts a smile on my face was when the trolley in front of me, a girl and a boy *in their teens* helped out the trolley in front of them *a mother with a child on her hips* with the stuff. suddenly, the mother's first child *she as two kids with her* which is about 5 years old, put his hand into the trolley and took up something too! he was like trying to say, "I wanna help out too!" so cute! his small and short hand, trying to do something, auwww!

FYI, every receipt of rm100 will get a rm5 voucher and you will get angpows papers if you spend rm50. good thing. mom don't have to ask me to go to the bank to ask for that now. hehe.

ouh! ouh! i bought a new pair of flats! its from fabiano ricco and it cost mr rm53. its rm60 but then its the CNY discounts going around everywhere. i have to take size 6. i wonder if my leg has expand to its maximum size. haha. goodbye size 5! =D

welcome to the family baby! ;)

another thing that happen today was when we wanted to buy bread from Delifrance bread shop. *psst. their macaroons only cost rm3.50* Deon was holding two bread and when he wanted to past it to the cashier, both of the bread slip to the floor! it was so awkward! thank God the cashier act fast and quickly replaced it for us. phew. without charging us for that two disposed bread leh. so, phew. haha.

BTW, why is CLEO's magazine for the month of February is kinda thin huh compared to the previous magazines that i bought? nothing much to talk about love? hehe. whatever laa. as long i have a copy. =D

well, that's the summary for today's outing. i pray hard that i won't spend money unnecessary anymore. ><

Jan 19, 2013

Shopping Spree

i guess everyone know what is a shopping spree huh? it may be cheap or it may be expensive, it all depends on where are you doing your shopping spree at.

well, it's been a long time since i last went on a shopping spree and since i am getting back into my "usual life", why not spend some money on some stuff huh?

jusco tebrau is the spot for this time shopping moment. i wanted to go to ksl but it wasn't in parents list today so i just have to make do with this. overall, i spend almost rm200. i just hope i did not went over the budget. ><

BTW, today is saturday. a day where no plastics bags are not given so i have to squash everything that i bought into my bag and other plastics bag. poor me. boo.

first stop, Harris Popular. i have to get some stationary ready before i head back to university. *sigh*

Second stop, i don't know what is the shop name but there's lots of sales man! the Lunar CNY clothes are out and so many stuff to buy! 2 piece for rm50 and blouse for only rm20! i only buy one piece though. how cheap it is, when it comes to MY money, i'm sure to think twice about buying it. =D

This piece cost me rm29.90. okaay laa. cotton on sell this for rm60+ right? it may be a little thin but..WHATEVER! :P

I just love the studs! it makes me look like i'm a rock star! =D

Third stop, a handbag stall. its a small shop but it has lot's of bags which are not that cheap, i would say but its much cheaper than buying one from CS. the rent here is not that expensive i guess so the price is reasonable for me i guess.
rm50 after 10%. 

Fourth stop, bras and undies. geez. this is embarrassing but there is no pictures relevant to this topic. *malu* i spend the most here i guess. well, it's a need so there is no regret. i did have some embarrassing moments here. FYI, i don't really know how to buy bras or undies. i have been sticking to the same brand for years and i don't intend to change it. mom asked me to try triumph but hell-no, one piece is too pricey for me. maybe when i start working la huh? for now, let's just stick to the economic pieces shall we? =D

anyway, i asked the lady to check for me my size but what she told me is too small when i try those sizes! i had to run back for a second check for the new sizes and there is a young man about the age of 18-19? he was standing with his mom and sister. i do know they are your family but heey! i am not! duhh! i wish he could have walk away and let me choose my piece carefully. huh. but then, a thought strikes me, HE'S THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE SHY! he's in the woman's department wadd so why should i be ashamed of my assets right? geez. so i took out all my guts and choose my proper size and color right in front of him. boo him. i then heard his mom said,
"haiyaa. go away laa. girls wanna buy stuff." *in mandarin*

yeah. go away young man. *smile with a smirk*

i hate buying bras and undies. =_____________=

next stop was at Elianto. long time ago, i used to buy nail polish each time i see an elianto shop but then, money became a problem so i stop that habit of mine. this time, with some cash in my hand, i couldn't say no! i went in with a desire to buy ONE nail polish but that lady kept saying, 
"buy 3 laa. got discount. only rm19 with a free nail polish remover."
"err, never mind laa. i only want one." 
"all these are new colors lor. buy laa."

and so, i gave in to temptation. boo me this time. ><

guess i'm going green this lunar CNY. =)

finally, i took all my bags and walk all the way to cotton on stall, vincci stall, voir stall, and came out empty handed. thank goodness i got a reign on myself or else, my money would be dry by now. hee. 

ahh. with tired legs and wear out hands, i put on a huge smile on my lips with the success of not spending ALL my money on this shopping trip. =D

*tap on back* 

overall, i spend rm186.65. goodbye money. 

Jan 18, 2013

Uitm, Lendu

It's hot on twitter with these trend so i went and google search it. eventually, i found it here.

after reading it, and seeing a picture on twitter with an "ulik mayang" dancing behind a cam-whore picture, i came out with a theory of my own.

these stories do not happen always but in malaysia? its's like every year there is something like this that will make people take out all their god's and etc. *i mean for all races kay*

its no surprise that it happen again this year but this is the first time i came across something like this. people flying? ohmy. i had seen dancing act before. screaming, laughing and shouting is always there when the word "rasuk" is involve but flying? i thought that was only in the movies!

anyway, dad said its people's doing. there's "pukau" going on too so i guess he's right. there people are trying to scared the hell out of people and ouhyea, they are doing just fine i guess. when there is black magic involved, there are spirits involved too and by this i mean real mean spirits. its not call black magic for nothing okay? =_____=

i just hope that things will go back to normal for them. well, this memory will forever be in their head but its one thing which brings us closer and stronger to God too. do keep them in prayer.