Jan 23, 2013

10 Guilty Pleasures

I wanted to post something for today but i just don't have any idea on what to post. well, i have a dull life so there's nothing interesting to share in here. so, i google it on the net on what to blog and poof, i found this and i think it's kind of relevant to my life and to the people around me, so why not? everyone is guilty of something but they have too much pleasure from it that they don't want to give that up.

anyway, i do want everyone to know what is the meaning of "guilty pleasure" before i begin. Some say it's doing something you enjoy, but don't want to admit it to anyone but for me, i would say that i'm embarrassed by my guilty pleasures. gosh. c'mon. let's get real shall we? everyone have their own guilty pleasures. pfft.

1. Food.
This is like the biggest issue for me. i LOVE food. japanese, korean, western, asian, whatever is on the table, as long it looks edible, then say hello to my stomach. i ate monkey and turtle before and yeah, i know that is a cruel act, but people cooked it for you and you wanna say no? it's dead anyway. *sorry*
and if the food is nice, i won't mind paying a fortune for it. that's just...me.

2. Shoes.
I am obsessed in shoes. one of my dream is to have a walk-in wardrobe with lot's of shoes in it! i don't mind having not enough clothes but not shoes! its beautiful and i think a perfect shoe can tell so many things about a lady who is owning it. well, though i love shoes, i don't usually wear them. i would buy them for display purpose and can i use the word "show off"? yeah. i love my shoes and i love it more when people admire them. *duhh. this is guilty pleasure too*

3. Nail polish.
I am a big fan of colors and i just can't say no when i past by a shop full of colors that i never had in my bag of nail polish. i just have to buy at least one to add into my collection!

4. Fried food.
i know. i know. this is in the food section but i think i would want to post about this. c'mon. tell me who don't like french fries from McDonald  fried chicken from KFC, and other fried food? fried food just enhance the flavor of that food even more!

5. Collecting old stuff.
Ouh yea. whenever i go to the movies with my friends, the tickets will be kept in a special box by the end of the day. even tissues with my blood on it, i would seal it up and keep it. *gross but true* i don't know if that is holding on to the past but what i know is this is so not good for our mental mind. well, whatever! *show hand*

6. Reading a book, texting, tweeting, while doing "business" in the ladies.
geez. this is embarrassing  only family members know about this issue of mine. when i was younger, *about age 7* i would grab a small standing fan, put it right at my toilet door, take a towel and wrap it around me and get a good book to read while i'm doing my "business". that would of course take ages and mom would come upstairs yelling at me to stop my nonsense. well, my aunt called me creative. :p
anyway, i stop doing the book reading unless i have an exam coming up. =D

7. Sleeping late and getting up late.
I think most of the teenagers do this routine of sleeping late and getting out of bed when the sun is right on the head. not me alone i hope. it's just so nice to be doing this when we have all the time in the world! without anyone asking us to wake up though but now, entering year 2013, i try to wake up before noon sets in cause i wanna catch my drama. :p

8. Staying on internet.
ouh yea! internet. the main cause of everything! i don't eat on time. i don't sleep on time. i don't bath on time. all thanks to my time wasted on the net. well, it is a good thing but when we start losing control on the time spend on the net, it becomes a god to us instead of we becoming a god to the thing.

9. Over thinking things.
Parents had asked me to stop doing this cause this is also one of the main reason why my backache always hit me. well, i can't help it! i love to over think things cause that is the only way i won't forget that i'm having troubles! when we remember that the troubles are there, we will not tend to run away from the route. i don't know if other people understand but i just know that i love to over think things.

10. Mom home cooked pork.
auuw! thinking about this makes me drool! *i just had it for dinner just now* i don't know if other moms cook this dish but this dish can make me come to my knees! it's super delicious and if mom cook a big bowl of it, i wouldn't want to share if i can do that!

so, that's my 10 guilty pleasures. do you have any? ;)

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