Jan 18, 2013

100 questions about me.

I found it in here so if you wanna try it out for yourself, go ahead. its a free world. 

BTW, i changed a little to make it more readable?

Let's begin shall we? 

1. Name

2. Middle name
i don't have middle name.

3. Location (only the country)

4. Age 
20 years one month 2 days.

5. Birthday date
12 December 1992

6. Boyfriend/girlfriend

7. Crush

8. Favorite subject

9. Least favorite subject

10. Subject you're best at

11. Subject you're worst at

12. Favorite film

13. Least favorite film
anything which have connection with fighting with none comedy.

14. Favorite programmed
lawyers and crime

15. Least favorite programmed
programmes with fighting scene in it.

16. Favorite song
too many to list down.

17. Least favorite song
techno music.

18. favorite artist
Bruno Mars

19. least favorite artist

20.Trapped on a deserted island or trapped in Antarctica?
hmm. i would choose trapped in Antarctica. i never see real snow before. 

21. What are you most scared of?
having no one who love me.

22. What song is stuck in your head?
Rockstar by Rihanna

23. Favorite color?

24. Do you have any pets?

25. Favorite ever animal?

26. Latest fail/fml moment?
getting into awkward moment.

27. Favorite joke?
why did the chicken cross the road?? =D

28. Favorite food?
meat. yumyum.

29. Favorite drink?
mineral water.

30. Random fact about you?
i hate socializing on the net.

31. Do you have any siblings?

32. What are yous siblings called?
my brother.

33. Are you sarcastic?
at times.

34. Are you good at giving advice?

35. Describe yourself in one word.

36. Names of your closet friends?
Reshie and Sha.

37. Science or Tech?
Science i guess.

38. Running or Swimming?
swimming but i don't swim. =)

39. Are you sociable?
yes except on internet.

40. Are you a flirt?

41. What are your plans for Valentines Day?
go for a candlelight dinner and eat ice cream. 

42. Do you have a Valentine?
yes. my sistas!

43. Favorite long song?
all for the 80's.

44. Favorite season of the year?
i would love spring.

45. Favorite type of weather?
when im in the house, rainy. when im out, sunny.

46. Favorite holiday?

47.4th July or Easter?
i don't celebrate 4th july.

48. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

49. Yahoo answers or Youtube?

50. Facebook or twitter?

51. What other websites do you currently have open?

52. What time is it where you are from?

53. Have you got this week off school (half term)?
yeah. im on medical leave. boo.

54. Are you a good singer?
good enough for the shower

55. P.E or art?

56. German or French?
French. i wanna visit the Effie Tower.

57. Favorite quote?
Keep smiling. =)

58. Have you like taking pictures?

59. Have you ever seen anybody live e.g. comedian or singer?
yesh. even took a picture with her.

60. Harry potter or twilight?
Harry. =D

61. Religious?

62. Do you enjoy singing?

63. Do you have a phone?

64. Do you have a lot of friends?

65. Are you popular/nerdy/average/weird/emo/goth/oth...
average i would say.

66. Do you have twitter?

67. DO you have facebook?

68. Who do you look at for inspiration?
Anne Sui

69. Favorite actress?
Joanna Peh

70. Favorite actor?
Danial Wu

71. Are you bored of this quiz? Well, don't give up yet...
ouh yeah. =_____=

72. Favorite clothing item?

73. Favorite brand?
cotton on.

74. Favorite shop?

75. Are your nails painted?
right now, no.

76. What's the color of your underwear :3?
err, pink?

77. What color is the top you are wearing?

78. What color are your eyes?

79. What color is your hair?
natural black but right now is brown and red.

80. Justin Bieber or One Direction? 
one direction of course!!

81. Gore film or Horror film?
 horror. gore? no way!

82. Horror film or romantic film?
romantic of course!

83. What does your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend look like?
i don't' know. not yet meet the one yet.

84. What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend's personality like?
refer to 83 yea? =)

85. What is your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend called?
refer to 84.

86. What would you name your children?
boy- zayn. girl- marilyn.

87. Favorite names?

88. If you could have any name, what would it be?
eunice. i love my name.

89. Know the cause oor date of death?
cause should be much easy. 

90. Bleed to death or painful death with no blood?
bleed to death. i love blood. ahah.

91. Maths or English?
tough choice. maths. 

92. Rugby or Tennis?
err, i hate tennis.

93. Basketball or cricket?

94. Baseball or Soccer?
soccer. i don't know how to play baseball.

95. Favorite sport?

96. Do you like school?
i love my friends.

97. Favorite music video?
the wanted- i found you. =)

98. Lost your virginity yet?

99. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

100. Do you regret any of your decisions in life?
yesh and no.

done. finally. fuhh. 

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