Jan 25, 2013

A Dream About the Girls

I slept about 1.30am last night and got up around 10am cause i heard mom asking deon to wake up and study so i got up, go to the ladies for a relieve and head in back to sleep under the blanket. it was a cold morning though its 10am. this is where it all started.

now, the interesting part. =D

I dream that the girls, let's use their nick names, Sha, Reshie, AF, and me were at a destination. it was like a shopping mall but at the same time, its like a shipyard. i don't really get it right now when i'm awake. haha. i remembered that we have to change and we all went into the toilet to change but the problem is the toilet is in a ship like thing. inside, the each cubicle has a girl who helps you to bath. yeah! weird dream. i was naked and i kept asking that girl to go out but she wouldn't leave me! she kept talking to me, asking me questions and i felt shy so i ran out from the toilet.

then, i met up with the girls and took our begs and wanted to leave that place but AF asked me to change into baju kurung. ouh yea. reshie was wearing baju kurung too! *she don't wear baju kurung in reality* so, i went into the toilet again, but this time, there's no one in there. i took the blouse of the baju kurung, and put it on me *without wearing it* and then i noticed that my reflection is not having the same color of dress as me. i ran out and tell the girls what had happen and suddenly, the toilet aka the ship, fall down! yeah! it fall down and everyone was in a shock!

i quickly change into my baju kurung right there in front of the girls and i accidently put down the bag on the floor, and AF scolded me for that. she said her's camera is in it and her's mommy pictures are all gone. *super weird* then, suddenly there are people shouting and asking us to shoot arrows  i grab one but my archery skills was not good at all in the dream *just what i expected in reality* and Reshie asked me to grab a rattan basket and cover all of us. Sha was good at archery and she started shooting at whatever which is shooting us. Reshie and I kept holding on to the baskets and i could see the arrows so clearly in my dream! it was super sharp! and i kept holding on to the basket like that was my ending of my life. it was so hectic and people were screaming everywhere!

then, suddenly, i woke up. damn that dream. just when the excited part started. haha.

well, one thing for sure, that dream is one super scary dream. how on earth can we girls start taking archery skills laa? and all this adventures took place in 2 hours! ohmy. what a dream. good to be back in reality though in reality, i have my own problems. haha.

so, anyone want to interpret for me what does my dream means? =)

I did. i will conclude it with i'm super nervous with the upcoming events, and i'm missing them.

However, this is what i get.

naked and watched by someone- i am afraid that people can see right through me. 
childhood friends- regression into my past where i had no responsibilities  wanting to escape the pressures and stresses of adulthood.
fear- temporary and fleeting worries.
archery- i'm setting my goals and planning my direction in life. 
a ship- the course of my life. mine crush down so i guess this sucks. i was fighting so i guess i was fighting for my course of life?
being scolded- being inhibited and prevented from full expressing myself in some area of my life.

well, to put it into simple words, let's just say that dreams are a game of the mind. =D
"Dreams, they are who I am when I'm too tired to be me."- Jarod Kintz.

credits: http://www.dreamsleep.net  http://www.dreammoods.com


  1. That's super cool. hahaha..
    Anyway, we have archery in our campus, maybe I should take up that game so that I can protect us if this thing happens again. hee..

  2. @Miss Nisha haha. babe, its just a dream lor. hehe. but kinda cool huh? you were damn cool in it la sha! haha. maybe you should! who knows, you are real good in that! =D

  3. hahaha.. really? Hee.. :D
    Yea, I would find about it la girl. I'm thinking of taking up something, if everything goes well, then i would do that. then can teach u guys aso laa. hehehe..

  4. @Miss Nisha ouh? okay lor. but do take care taw? its a dangerous sport. i dont want u to get hurt. ><

  5. I haven't ask about it yet.
    Kinda busy this few days.
    Will try asking soon.
    Don't worry, I'll tc of myself. Heee.
    <3 <3

  6. @Miss Nisha ahh. make sure u promised me that you will take care. archery is a sport which can hurt u even in practice *what i heard* haha.


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