Jan 27, 2013

A new dress!

each Sunday has been a day where our family will hang out somewhere for two hours till deon finish his tuition class. this time, while taking lunch, i did something different. i asked mom and dad for a new dress. =D

 i gave away all my dress and many cute blouse as i think its best to buy new clothes in 2013 *chehh* but after 27 days in January, i only got myself a few new clothes. =______= *no budget*

we went to Danga City Mall and there were not many clothes shops there but there is one boutique which caught my eye. ;)

i fell in love with vintage stuff since don't know when and i just love the look of vintage clothing. they look so ladylike! lace, floral, auuuw! ><

i went into this shop, Papillon, and it was totally vintage style. their fitting rooms are awesome! *forgot to take a picture though* there were so many cute tees! there's even a tee with Eiffel tower plus lace on it! it cost rm50. nah. too pricey. some other time. hehe.

then, i saw a rack at the side, it looks like they were being abandoned by customers  haha. my sentence sounds exaggerating. LOL. guess what.

i saw a maxi flora dress! omo! it's a mix floral plus a little lace maxi dress! and! ANNND! THE BEST PART IS....IT'S 50% DISCOUNT!! OMO!

the original price is rm109 but after discount, it's about rm50 plus! a material like that? nah-ah. one maxi dress that i own is rm80. this is a must-grab so i did grab it. =D

its much longer than it looks in the picture. can't wait to wear it! =D

so now, i don't have to worry about having a new dress for lunar new year! =D *do the woohoo dance*

BTW, i went to Metro, to the shoes centre and there was a heels which cost rm259. fuhh. that is so over my shoe budget but...but..but..it's super comfy! i was too engrossed with the comfort of it that i fail to take down its name. well, forget it. i guess i can only buy those shoes when i'm earning my own money. haha.

have a happy monday! ;)

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