Jan 24, 2013

A Visit to the Hospital

I went to the hospital today. ahh. memories. haha. one of my dad's cousin daughter *my second cousin* was admitted into hospital. went for a light breakfast and bought some fruits over for her. should have thought of buying magazine for her cause we got to know that she's going to stay for a long time in there. *sigh*

well, the story goes like this:

she is a left-handed person. while she was playing hockey with her's right hand, she was having difficulty with that so with her friends advice, she used her's left hand for the first time to play hockey. suddenly, her's right leg swing into a abnormal position and everyone thought that she fractured her's leg. who knows she have to be sent to the main hospital and after doing a x-ray, doctors said that there is a growth in her's bone and that they have to cement it till the 29th of January so that they can do a scan on it and after that, if it is still a serious matter, the doctors have to take her buttocks bone and replace it. i don't really understand but i do know that i don't want anything to happen to her.

she drew us a picture of how her bone look like now but i did not remember to take a photo of it. it looks cute. haha. maybe its because of the drawing. hee.

anyway, we prayed for her and please keep praying for her. pray that she would not have to go through the operation. every operation is dangerous, it doesn't matter if they are major or minor operations, it's still dangerous when the doctor cut open your skin.

Our picture together at a family outing in the year 2011 if not mistaken. she is the first from the right. Get well soon girl!

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