Jan 22, 2013


Blessings- The act or words of one that blesses.
              - Approval, encouragement.
              - A thing conducive to happiness or welfare.

In the old day, the word blessings is a very important word. a father who is going to die don't get a lawyer and make up a will but instead, he will call his sons into his tent and bless them with words that are sure to come to past. well, that is before Jesus died on the cross, so, let's just focused on the NOW shall we?

My brother, Deon was complaining or shall i put it as whining, about not having a bicycle, a cellphone and a motorbike. he thinks that he deserve all that at his age and nothing can stop him from having all those stuff. well, of course dad said no when it comes to bike, and a good bicycle cost a small fortune plus a cellphone at his age? of course the answer is no.

Family affairs put aside, a thought came to me. blessings. this young chap of mine forgot what is blessings. he forgot that there are other children around the world that don't have food, family, a roof over their head, and some are being abused, alone and despised by their community. he forgot that he have a nice house *though a little small*, nice food on the table everyday, nice clothes to wear, and a cellphone that can takes pictures! isn't that enough to be call bless?

people wake up each day and find themselves blind, deaf, some couldn't even get up from their bed, some who are living with cancer, family members who are dying and yet he said that he should have more?

maybe its because of the different ways my parents brought us up. he is 6 years away from me and the youngest so you sure knows what happens when there is a huge age gap between siblings. there is no second child in this house but my parents have two "first" child and one with a last child behavior. get what i meant?

i just wish that one day Deon will see that he is bless enough. i admit that our family is not the richest, or the most perfect in everything but i do know that our family have things which i can be thankful for.

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