Jan 28, 2013

Blog Walking All Day Long

nah. not the whole day. i did stop for branch and toilet breaks. this broadband is super slow so it was tiring. i have to open each blog one by one and wait for it to finish loading. thank God some are light enough but too bad for those who are too heavy, once my patience runs out, i'm so clicking the "X" symbol. LOL.

anyway, since this blog is a new blog and i am an old blogger, i started my own principle in blog walking. i don't want to make the same mistakes that i had made like i did with my old blog. some people followed and when you followed back, by the end of the day, they un-followed you and you are stuck to their annoying post about their life. *excuse me*

so, i joined this segmen and the list of contestants are out *hope i win something* so i did some blog walking. out of 19 groups, i did 4 groups *which means 40 blogs* and i did it from below. *too bad for the front group* it was tiring but i did ended up following 2 blogs. geez. *sounds lame huh? 2 our of 40?*

let's get to business. i'm going to list down what i hate during blog walking.

1. Music in blog.
i listen to music *own playlist* when i do BW cause it's much fun that way. then, i open this blog and boom! music! i will be like tergopah-gopah finding where the source came from but this time, i open one by one maa so no problem, just shut it up ASAP. haihh. if it is a sentimental music, i can be forgiving but if it is korean or i-don't-know-what-gene, nah. i'm hating you.

2. It's too heavy.
i can't actually blame them for this because that is their blog right but i think other people wouldn't like that too. that means, your blog won't be getting much readers compared to those who's blog are light. there is a app to check if your blog is light or heavy so do use it once in a while. some stuff are cool but what's the use if there's no one reading your blog?

Update: http://www.iwebtool.com/speed_test
*mine loads in 0.26 sec. seriously? that fast?*

3. Too colorful.
haha. again i'm criticizing the owners huh? *sorry* i just can't take it. haha. ever heard of too many cooks spoil the broth? yeah. too many colors spoil the blog. haha.

4. Introduction starts with "i'm an ordinary girl/boy".
ladies and gentlemen *if there's any* no one is ordinary in this world. everyone is unique. some may say that they are ordinary but when you get to know them, their true colors comes out. haha. i think the-girl/boy-next-door is much suitable for it huh?

well, it's their blogs anyway. maybe there are people who don't like the way i handle my blog too. haha. it's a #justsaying moment so...WHAT-EVER! =D

ouh. i think i have to do something about this blog. there seems to be a small mistake in html. i hate editing so that have to wait till the day where i have the mood to do so.

happy monday!


  1. agreed woth all of your opinion. U know what my blog was like that last 2 years when i was started in blogging world. but then realize that readers only want such a simple & light blog only. same like u i have no patience to wait for a too heavy blog.
    somehow i really cant hold on to much with blog that have song with no pause button. Make my broadband to exceed the limit haha.
    nice to know u dear little girl. Hai :)

  2. @najihahfarayeah. simple is perfection huh? haha. nice to know u too. =)


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