Jan 23, 2013

Chivalry is dead?

I woke up a little early than usual today and while watching the morning talk show on NTV7, i came across this topic. it was just a normal talk for me but then when i went into the twitter world, i came across another issue which brings me back to this topic.

well, for those who don't know what is chivalry, go google it or let me simplified for you here.

Chivalry means doing kind things for people without expecting anything back from that person. It also symbolize courtesy and do you think that this is still around? i will say yes, but not for all. out of 10 people, i will say there's only 2-3 people who still have courtesy in them. Examples of chivalry is man/woman holding out the door for someone else, giving up seats in MRT/bus, helping a lady who's tire punctured on the highway. Get what i meant?

So, do you think chivalry is dead among our community? i saw people who won't help even if you drop your things on the floor, i saw people who would not even bother holding out the door for you at the banks, they just open the door, get in and bang the door against you. *shit them*

However, i had seen young mans, around the age of 14-16, who help an old lady to climb up the stairs, give up their seats to people who are older than them in the bus and even helping to hold onto the elevator door, while waiting for another person to enter. most of the time, i noticed that people who are in the older generation, no, i would say, my generation and above me are the people that has lost this chivalry attitude. meanwhile, it's the younger people who actually have this in them. i wonder if my children's generation will have this instilled in them. hmm.

BTW, i mentioned that a issue on twitter makes me came back to this topic, now, there's this "friend" of mine who mention me saying that i had put on weight. ouh c'mon, who wouldn't put on weight when he/she is 24 hours at home with a generation who are more to the bigger size side? who wouldn't put on weight if he/she have to eat good food each day so that he/she wouldn't fall sick and get admitted into hospital? where on earth is his chivalry attitude? and don't he think that i would not have notice it? duhh- it's my body. =_______=

i would say that i'm offended by the way he put it into words. it's either he don't have the courtesy attitude, or he does not know how to put those words in a good way in proper english. even if he want to comment that, shouldn't he have use some emoticons to show that it is a friendly gesture? my friends tell me that i'm putting on weight but not in that way. guess some people just don't know how to talk. well, it's foolish of me if i pick up a fight with him, so let's just emphasize grace on him shall i? =_____=

anyway, i just hope more people will realize that this attitude of chivalry is not dead. yet. we just need to be open with it and i don't mean open with inviting a stranger into your house just because he/she help you with your grocery. what i meant was, there is time to be open and there is time to be close. *in mindset* humans nowadays are becoming more horrible than animals. mind you.

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