Jan 29, 2013

Happy Birthday My Darling Sha

21 years ago, a noble mother gave birth to a little baby. thanks to her's "hard work" i got myself a friend, a sister from a different mother, a listener, a sharer, a scolder *i don't think this is english* who loves me, a best friend forever. 

some friendships begin from the age of 5 and end when they died but our friendship? it begins 8 years ago. some may say that our relationship is still new but i would say that our friendship would last us till death do us part. 

she is a friend who is there when i have problems with other best friends. she was there when i have trouble with things at home though she have her own problems. she was there when i was home sick in matriculation. she was there when i have to call her late at night crying over some random stuff *it was serious to me at that time. LOL.* she was there when i went through problems that i wanted no one to bothered me. she was there all this time. 

i pray that our relationship will never end. our friendship will never turn to strangers. i don't want this friendship of ours to ever ever died. if it is possible, i want our children to continue to have a bond with each other. i just don't want this relationship to end. 

so, to my dear-beloved-darling-sister-BFF i just want to wish you a veryveryvery Happy 21st Birthday! may  good health, wealth, and wisdom accompany you always. may God bless you in everything that you touches. i love you so much my dear!

a bible verse for you *hope you won't mind*

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. In all things acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your way. Proverbs 3:5-6

this is one of my favorite verse. i believe everything happens for a reason and i believe we became friends for a  reason too. God bless! I LOVE YOU~!

Eunice GM. =)


  1. Thank you soo much dear. ^^
    Thank you for the verse. :)
    Thank you for the song. Was really so touched dear. :')

    Thank you for being my friend all this while. And I hope and pray to the Mighty One so that he would bless our beautiful relationship forever.
    BFF. XOXO. :*

  2. @Miss Nisha you are so welcome darl! geez. hope we dont sound lame in the phone. haha. yesh yesh yesh! He sure will! =D
    BFF? i love you! xoxo!

  3. Duhh. You sounded great babe.
    Was so surprised, Never had anyone to wish me like that before. hee.
    Thanks girl. :')

  4. @Miss Nisha lol. will tell u the full story when u get back. haha. geez. thank God it was a good one. i would hate to screw that up. haha.

  5. Can't wait to hear it. hee..
    Coming back home in a week. :D

  6. @Miss Nisha hehe. yeah! cant wait to see u lor! =D


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