Jan 31, 2013

Is It Necessary To Use Special Cleaner For Your V?

Ahak. this is awkward but i think every ladies out there should know about this. even i have to go and google about this issue before sharing it in here. i don't want to go down the wrong road and i don't want other ladies out there to follow my track.

now, i saw an article about Miss V having to go for special cleaners in the market and i know there are a lot of advertisement on TV which suggest that we ladies have to have at least one at home but is it really necessary?

before anyone answer that, let's just look at the few things that i found.

well, our V is made by God to keep itself clean with the help of discharge *i hate discharge but now i know its a a good thing!* so we don't have to douche. FYI, douche is the act of rinsing our V. that means by rinsing out our V, the bacteria in there, which helps to maintain the health of our V are rinsed out too! that means, our V will tend to be on itself! there won't be any "body guards" in there to protect our little sister.

therefore, these are the few ways to make sure your Miss V stays healthy and clean. =D

Do watch out your diet too and drink lots of water. it influence our V too.

1. Get to know your V.
We know how our hand, our legs, our other body parts look like but our Miss V is also a part of our body so do get to know "her". get a mirror and explore your V. once you know what is where, you will be able to tell if something goes wrong.

2. Don't need to douche or use any special cleaners.
You just have to wash the outer part of your V with a mild soap *un-perfumed type* and warm water during your shower. those "special cleaners" can sometimes ruin your V normal balance of bacteria and cause problems. if you think there is an odor which don't seem natural, then maybe it's time for you ladies to head over to the gynae for a check-up. it may be infection. FYI, our V do smell musky.

3. Discharge is normal when it's clear.
It is known that our V is mucus membrane which means that fluid are suppose to be there so it's normal when there are a few spots on your underwear. for me, i use small pads so that it would not effect my everyday life and my underwear would be much easier to wash.

4. Changers in discharge can mean an infection.
now, there are many kind of infection so for everyone's information, if discharge don't look normal, do please do go and visit the gynae. i'm sure no one wants their V to be in trouble right?

there. a few steps in keeping our V healthy.

back to the question, i don't think it is necessary. it can be optional but i think if we really want our V to have a special cleaner, do take care in choosing your products. if it is causing problems for you, do stop using it then. what is more important than your V's health right compare to a few bucks?

have a happy Thursday. =D

P/S: V stands for vagina, the private part of a female homo-sapiens. =______=

credits: http://answers.yahoo.com/http://women.webmd.com/http://www.nhs.uk/

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