Jan 25, 2013

My Wish List (Bucket List)

I'm sure everyone have one but how many people can actually fulfilled their wishes in their life? not many i guess. i hope and pray hard that i can fulfilled it all. =D

1. A ticket to Paris.
To be specific, i want to visit Eiffel Tower in Paris. I love traveling but since i am not a rich man kid and if one day, one fine day, if there is a choice, this is the place that i want to visit before i died. plus points, Paris is an ideal place for shopping!

2. Do children's mission in Cambodia.
well, actually, anywhere in the world but my heart stood out for Cambodia. There are many children who are in need for help and i really want to go and help them in any kind that i can give them.

3. Buy my first house.
by saying first house, i meant i want to have other houses. geez. i'm a greedy girl huh? i want to buy my first house by the river if that is possible *permas area* but i think by the time i have the money, other beautiful places had come out so why worry? i just want a house. when i was much younger, i wish i can buy a house which cost half a million but right now *i'm much matured* i think i just want to buy a house which fits me.

4. Buy mom an Osim's massage chair.
she has always been there for me since i came to this harsh world and i had promised her that i would save up so that i can buy her this one day. i think this is the first thing that i'm gonna buy when i had earn enough. my mom needs a pampering chair at home. haha.

5. Go bungee jumping.
I am the adventure type so of course i can't say no to this. i just have to do this in my life! ya know, You Only Live Once? YOLO! =D

6. Climb up Kota Kinabalu Mountain and touch the peak.
I can't do Mount Everest i think so i guess Kota Kinabalu is okay for me. hehe. anyway, the lowest peak will be good for me. i just want to see the sun rise and see down below. woohoo! the though of it just makes me excited. haha.

7. Grab a backpack, travel around the world.
This is the last cause i have to get a man to do this together. *damn* mom and dad don't want me running around in a foreigner place and if something happen to me, i wouldn't want them to worry anyway. better get a man who is full of adventure so that we both can accomplish this together. #ehh

well, i think that's all. might be more to come but right now, that's all i want to do before i die. this is like my bucket list huh? =D *thus the tittle*


  1. Number 5 n 6 are in my must-do list too.
    SO, maybe we can go together. :D

  2. @Miss Nisha girl, no. 5 was decided after we did the escalator adventure, remember? haha. we even thought of taking reshie with us but i dont think that will ever come true. lol.

    as for no.6, we must start saving up! getting older each year o. hehe.


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