Jan 20, 2013

Shopping Spree II

Part I is here so do check it out yea? see how i spend my money. boo.

well, today is a Sunday so off we went to have our date with God. it was mission Sunday and again the nation Cambodia came upon my heart. i just pray hard that this is the right thing to look forward too. today was also the day the whole church send off Crystalline off to Sydney to study in Hillsong college. all glory to God. He provided everything and his plan is ALWAYS right on time. all the best girl.

back to the topic, i did not expect that mom wanted me to buy all the household things today but since Jusco is having sales, yeah. sales. hah. she "forced" me into buying the stuff now. man. there are so many people! i hate shopping when it is crowded but that also means sales! like i said in my first post, when it comes to MY money, i would think twice about buying something and since almost everything is on sales, waah! i kept choosing the things that are cheap and good! *do the woohoo dance*

food, house hold stuff, and body care stuff are all bought. ahh. i feel good. anyway, this is my first time buying things alone in a big mall. all this time, i always go with friends or family but today i have to act all alone. i have to take the softener, dynamo, toilet paper, milo from the high shelve and other things. even when queuing up to pay at the counter, i have to do everything by myself. it was lonely. i swear i will never go shopping alone unless im needed to do so in the future. geez.

one thing which puts a smile on my face was when the trolley in front of me, a girl and a boy *in their teens* helped out the trolley in front of them *a mother with a child on her hips* with the stuff. suddenly, the mother's first child *she as two kids with her* which is about 5 years old, put his hand into the trolley and took up something too! he was like trying to say, "I wanna help out too!" so cute! his small and short hand, trying to do something, auwww!

FYI, every receipt of rm100 will get a rm5 voucher and you will get angpows papers if you spend rm50. good thing. mom don't have to ask me to go to the bank to ask for that now. hehe.

ouh! ouh! i bought a new pair of flats! its from fabiano ricco and it cost mr rm53. its rm60 but then its the CNY discounts going around everywhere. i have to take size 6. i wonder if my leg has expand to its maximum size. haha. goodbye size 5! =D

welcome to the family baby! ;)

another thing that happen today was when we wanted to buy bread from Delifrance bread shop. *psst. their macaroons only cost rm3.50* Deon was holding two bread and when he wanted to past it to the cashier, both of the bread slip to the floor! it was so awkward! thank God the cashier act fast and quickly replaced it for us. phew. without charging us for that two disposed bread leh. so, phew. haha.

BTW, why is CLEO's magazine for the month of February is kinda thin huh compared to the previous magazines that i bought? nothing much to talk about love? hehe. whatever laa. as long i have a copy. =D

well, that's the summary for today's outing. i pray hard that i won't spend money unnecessary anymore. ><

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