Jan 25, 2013

The cute little missing boy might be found

I'm sure everyone knows about the little boy who went missing. his picture was everywhere on the news and papers. almost all the political teams put their effort in it to find this missing boy. 

anyway, i just saw it here and decided to post about it. 

i don't know if i should hope that that is the young boy or not. if that is not him, it means, that he is still out there waiting for his parents to come for him. if that is him, i'm sure his parents heart would break into pieces. ouh God. this is such a hard time for the whole family. even me, a stranger is speechless when this hit the news.

i remembered once in 2009, something like this happen to a young girl. she went missing and her's body was found. though her's body was found, those bad ass people had done horrible things to her. it's just so heartbreaking when something like this happen in our nation.  it's just so sad when things turn out this way. 

my heart goes out to this family. =(

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