Jan 16, 2013

Travel- Kellie's Castle

Before we went for our trip to Perak, i had wanted to visit this history place cause it has been in the news and its well known for its haunted place. we did not meet any "buddies" though.

The trip to this place was confusing! we had to move, stop, and ask people and some people who are poor in road directions can really cause a headache for us. next time, make sure you have a GPS with you. things would be much easier.

okay. enough of my talk. let the pictures do the talking with some captions. =)

For your information, you have to pay an entrance fees here. for Malaysians  its rm4 per person but if you are a student, you are entitled to a rm1 discount. i forgot to bring my student card so i was charge with the normal price. never mind though. its just rm1. ;p

the place is beautiful! its surrounded with a small river and to what i know, it is actually connected to the Indian temple nearby.

by the way, i just love the architecture in the time when this buildings was being build. its so magnificent!

This is the doorway where the daughter of Mr. Kellie will appear to visitors.

This is the so call mysterious corridor. it is stated that Mr Kellie was seen here but we did not meet "anyone". maybe its because it was in the afternoon. maybe.

Time for some picture taking people. =)

the story of this beautiful place is all over the internet. there are many versions so you can choose which is the best version you want but in one of the room in this castle, there is a story pasted on the wall for all to read.

The old time stove. i wonder how it works. hmm.

So, that's all for Kellie's Castle. its hot and sweaty for us but we had lot's of fun stepping back into a love story. its like Malaysia taj mahal. =)

Our trip to Ipoh here has been posted. do visit.


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