Jan 15, 2013

Travel- Lost World of Tambun, Perak

I posted about Ipoh a day ago in here.

We started our journey from Ipoh town to Tambun around 9am if not mistaken but when we reach there, we have to wait for the gates to open. should not have woke up so early but those who wanna go shopping there for souvenirs can go early. 

once we reached there, we got into a queue specially for people who bought their tickets online. for your information, the tickets bought online is much cheaper than the one that are bought through walk-in process. 

We then headed to the lockers area to rent two lockers for our bags. each locker cost rm10 and it is based on your own password so i think its safe enough i guess. we then changed into our swimming attire (i wear shorts and a big tee) and rented our tubes. well, if you are not that interested in playing in the Wave or River area, i suggest that you skip renting these tubes. other water facilities are provided with the tubes so why bother renting one? you might even lost it along the way. 

there are 6 parks for your entertainment. You can check here for more information. the place that i enjoyed the most is the Hot Spring. auuw. it so warm and comforting! 

one place which i did not get the chance to explore is the Petting Zoo. we reach there around 6pm so they were putting the animals into their cage. i was so disappointed cause the rain just ruin our activities for that day. boo. 

well, let the pictures do the talking. 

The skies just start pouring and we were stranded for two hours at the game area.

Finally, around 4pm.

This is actually a toilet. kinda cute. =D

Don't bother about changing into dry clothes after you had finish playing at the water park. everything is wet here. the train seats, the game seats, well, just try to enjoy with all the wetness! =)

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