Jan 14, 2013

Trip- Ipoh, Perak.

This is the second post and i just wanna see how things go with the new template.

let's get started shall we?

December 22 2012. the whole family got up at 4.30am and started the journey with a prayer. we reach ipoh about 12pm plus if not mistaken. ipoh is a nice place but the roads are terrible! its all the same and you can never find yourself out of the maze if your memory is not good. thank goodness we have the map thingy to help us out.

took our lunch at one of the famous chicken rice. don't remember the name though but i do ipoh is famous with their chicken and Taegu. i just love their chicken! its the best chicken that i have tasted.

that night, we went to Jusco mall nearby our hotel and ate at old town. fancy going all the way to ipoh and have old town chicken chop and coffee. haha.

December 23 2012. we woke up around 7am and went to the real old town coffee shop. it all begin from here! we were like making history when we went to that shop. geez. their white coffee *another popular food from ipoh* was a little too sweet for me but maybe that is just their local taste? ouh! their egg tarts was awesome! one of my favorite snack. must get this if go to ipoh town.

we then head out to Lost World of Tambun. it is a beautiful place, with lotsa nature and...people. thank goodness we bought the tickets online *its cheaper too* so we can actually skip the long queue. every time we have to leave/enter a place in this lost world, we have to past through their souvenir shop. they have lotsa cool stuff and normal stuff. ya know. key-chains  stuff toys and stuff like that. its a little pricey so we did not buy anything at all.

will post more on it later. this post is only about ipoh.

that night, tired and beat up by the sun and water, we went to another famous restaurant *also forgot the name* and ate their wan tan hor. its too watery for me but lotsa people like it. well, different people, different taste right?

December 24 2012. we woke up a little late but we make it to Kellie Castle by afternoon.

will post about this later.

about 4pm only we left the simple town of ipoh, perak and head back to johor. we stop by muar for some good food but that time it was already 8pm so most of the good food stalls are close. ate a lousy wan tan mee which i totally regretted going to that stall. the otak-otak did make it up for the loss though.

finally, we reach home about 12am plus.

will go to ipoh once again when i have the chance in the future.

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