Jan 28, 2013

Trip to Hospital

wow. i think i can make a label about hospital. haha. my life has been so evolve with it these past few months. fuhh. i just hope all this will not continue. *sigh*

anyway, today's trip to the hospital was not about me or any family members but it was a sad event. *sigh*

an uncle, whom mom said i saw him before *but i don't remember* during CNY. he fall into a stroke and it's fully paralyze  he is an brother-in-law to mom's best friend so we just go there to... respect? i wasn't even ready for a trip to hospital. it was a government hospital and i was so scared that the guard wouldn't let me in with my outfit. fuhh. thank God he did not come after me after seeing who i was visiting. fuhh. *wipe sweats*

well, back to the topic. when i got to his bed, there were many people. i think...more than 10? that includes his family and friends. mom, dad and auntie rush to his bedside while deon and i linger at the other side of another bed. it was his family moment! can't expect me to go to his bedside wadd.

besides that, it was a sad scene. my tears swell up in my eyes each time i see the family crying over him, asking him to wake up. it was so sad but my silly brother can laugh and asked me, "why are you crying?" =________= silly him. can't people be sensitive? tsk.

well, i just prayed hard that nothing will happen to him but at the same time, isn't it better if he leaves right now? haihh. i don't know. its a sad thing when this happen to someone close.

i just hate that scene.

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