Jan 18, 2013

Uitm, Lendu

It's hot on twitter with these trend so i went and google search it. eventually, i found it here.

after reading it, and seeing a picture on twitter with an "ulik mayang" dancing behind a cam-whore picture, i came out with a theory of my own.

these stories do not happen always but in malaysia? its's like every year there is something like this that will make people take out all their god's and etc. *i mean for all races kay*

its no surprise that it happen again this year but this is the first time i came across something like this. people flying? ohmy. i had seen dancing act before. screaming, laughing and shouting is always there when the word "rasuk" is involve but flying? i thought that was only in the movies!

anyway, dad said its people's doing. there's "pukau" going on too so i guess he's right. there people are trying to scared the hell out of people and ouhyea, they are doing just fine i guess. when there is black magic involved, there are spirits involved too and by this i mean real mean spirits. its not call black magic for nothing okay? =_____=

i just hope that things will go back to normal for them. well, this memory will forever be in their head but its one thing which brings us closer and stronger to God too. do keep them in prayer.

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