Jan 23, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials for University

I will be going back to university soon in less than a month and so, i have to get ready my clothes for the coming "new refreshing start" in my life. after going for a break for a semester is more than enough i think. i need to get back on track and continue my journey to being a HR-whatever-related-job.

so, i decided to make a list of what i'm bringing into university in my luggage.

Must Have

3-4 pairs of jeans.
3-4 pairs are enough i guess as long they are not the same type of design and that they fit just nice on the ass. *forgive my use of word* no one will really care if you wear yesterday jeans but once a while, a change of blue jeans to white jeans might pull attraction while walking to class. geez.

4-6 pairs of t-shirt.
ya know university is kind of strict with the rules of wearing a t-shirt but sometimes, i just wear a tee and put on a jacket on top and poof, i manage to get across the office. *sometimes* better to stick with a nice looking plain t-shirt. it makes us blend in anyway. *i'm not the type of person who seeks attention with my clothes on some days*

1-3 cardigans.
this is so useful! on a lazy day, just throw on a pair of tank or spaghetti strips *which don't show bust line* and poof, you look chic for class!

1-2 nice/cute tops.
if you think that today is the day where you will meet your crush, wear this! don't go for tight or low-cut though cause you wouldn't want the lecturer attention on you right? just enough for the guy-in-the-cafe to notice you.

A nice pair of pants.
this is for those days where you have to do presentation in front of the whole lecture hall or when it is formal day. i don't usually wear this as i'm more to the baju kurung girl so at least i can save money on this.

A nice formal blouse.
ahah. this is also for presentation or formal day but i hate wearing something which is tight and neat. it's like i'm in a confine place so i rather wear a baju kurung which i can sit how i like in it. if i am a neat girl, i would splurge for a good blouse that can last till i'm ready to hit the big girl job.

2 pair of baju kurung.
this is malaysia so why not have some cultural clothes in your wardrobe? i always buy my baju kurung from Fair lady as its the most convenient for me but if you want something unique, and mind when someone is wearing the same clothing as you, buy the cloth that you like from any cloth shops, and get a good tailor to sew it for you.

Bra and Panties.
this is important. don't think that just because it's inside, no one is going to see it, you should simple grab one. if i wear a good bra and panties *plus marks if they are matching colors* i would feel like i'm the queen of the world *though i'm not* and confidence shows! get a black, a nude, and a white. this are the 3 important colors that you need in your wardrobe.

A proper bag.
well, i'm still a student so i don't splurge on bags like my mom does *except shoes* so i just get a rm50 bag which have 3 components, big enough to put my pencil box, purse, lotion, lip gloss and phone. ouh. and a small notepad. done. don't have to spend rm3500 for a channel bag. *i don't know the actual price* if you are in the sport look most of the day, get a backpack. *just like school days*

Jacket and hoodie.
i pack one of each item cause a jacket can be use for a cold weather in the lecture hall and a hoodie for a night class. don't wear the hoodie everywhere though. you might look lost. i got a hoodie jacket which i love to bits! it's purple and pink so it attracts attraction and it keeps me warm! especially when i'm going to study at the library till late nights. it really helps.

1-2 pairs of cute flats.
most of my friends go for black but i go for nude and a striking color. i know it's like a sign of rebel but i don't like black flats. it looks so formal but it's much better if you have a black flats, it can be useful for formal events.

A pair of black heels.
i use this for formal events. hah. that also depends on who is the lecturer. if he/she is someone who don't care on what we wear on our feet, i would go with flats, but if there is an interview  why not? you wanna look tall, confident, and lady like right? go with pumps then.

3-6 pairs of shorts.
this is for dorm time. ladies, admit it. this is the best thing to sleep in! i hate sleeping in long pants. it's so annoying to my skin. ouh, and do you know that the best way for your skin is by sleeping naked? i read it somewhere in a health article. since you can't sleep naked, why say no to shorts?

A nice dress.
this is reserved for special events in university. since our country majority is malays, try to find something which cover up more of our skin. you wouldn't want to look like a stranger in a event where most people are wearing less-skin-reveal dress.

A cute dress.
hah. this is for dates with girlfriends or that special guy. ya know what i meant. ;)

3 pairs of track suits.
this is important cause sometimes, when you don't have time to play dress up, or in a rush of a informal meeting, match this with a cute tee and off you go. it can be use for work up session too.

A cute flip flop.
this is for the walk down to the cafe or off to the nearest mamak stall.

A toilet scandals.
make sure you get a non-slippery type cause you might get into an accident in the toilet. i have the habit of not mixing my normal flip flop with my toilet scandals cause i'm so obsessive in cleanness? haha.

A pair of scandals.
i bought one from padini and i think it makes a outfit looks much simple when i wear this with any outfits. it also helps when you are in the rush to the photocopy shop so why not? it's not nescesary though. only for me. :p

So there it is. that's what i think should have in a girl basic wardrobe when she is away from her family. any other ideas? =D

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