Jan 30, 2013

Wonder how "Sleek and Pump" got its name?

A new day for a new topic. since this blog smells new, why not post about how she got her's name huh? *i know this is a blog so suppose to use "it" but since its pink AND it's my baby, i assume it's a she* 

Ya know each time we do a blog, we have to choose a name and of course someone wants a name which is catchy and easy to remember. my previous blog was named "Watch Me Live My Life" cause i just want people to see how my life was but then after so many things happened in my life, i realize, i just want a simple life and i want everything to be simple. 

therefore, this new baby was name something simple. ouh. i wanted a blog which is sleek. something like, Hanis Zalikha,  Maria Elena, and of course Shazwani Hamid's Blog blog. and if you do notice, their blogs are black and white. yeah. initial, i wanted that to be my theme too. it's not that i hate pink but i think i should grow up and face reality that there are more black and white than pink. *i still love pink* besides, it is uni-sex colors right? *i'm not trying to be bias. guys can use pink too*

anyway, i did try to search for that type of template but i couldn't find it. well, maybe they did use other people service when i try not to spend any money for this blog *saving money mood on* so i can only  take whatever that i can. 

now, i found this template and decided that this suits me very well. *at that time* it is sleek enough for me. *i hope my readers think that too* and since i got myself a word, "Sleek" and i told myself i love pumps, why not name my blog "Sleek and Pump"

there. a name for this new blog. 

maybe you can combine a word with your favorite food? it can turn out very suitable for your blog name! 

ouh. you can check out this blog >click<. this blog is the blog that helps me out in choosing a good name. 

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