Feb 25, 2013

She Is Found!

last night, i blogged about my little cousin/niece here. >click< and i told you guys that i cried out my heart to God right?

well, guess what?

He answered my prayers. i'm sure not only mine, but the family and everyone else as well. when i received the short message send over by di, i was gonna jump up and down and start to sing praises to God! i was like, can't believe the good news!

according to the message,

"Girl, God really hear our prayer. F already been found last night at larkin area. praise God. f condition's self and sound. only thing is she look weak. police and auntie s said no need go clinic for checkup cause f tak ada tanda2 dia kena rogol atau disentuh oleh laki."

i was so thankful! i prayed that nothing will happen to her. i prayed that she will come home safe and sound. i prayed that those guys will never put their hands on her, and its all answered! tell me how not to believe in miracles when miracles happen each time we pray?

prayer doesn't change the situation but it by prayer, we intevene and God will listen.

Ask and it will be given, seek and you shall find. knock and the door will be answered.

praise the Lord! hallelujah!

Feb 24, 2013

Someone died. Someone gone missing.

last night, around 1am, i received a call from one of my dad's cousin, and after letting them both having their talk, dad told me that that cousin's brother had passed on which means, my dad's cousin is dead. all of us rushed out from the house and went over to uncle donny house to see that uncle's wife, daughter and granddaughter. his granddaughter is only 3 weeks old and he missed the chance of holding her. :(

according to the news shared by dad, he said that this uncle michael fell unconscious and after a few hours, he passed on. i'm not sure how it is but that's what i know. haihh. this is the 3th death in the dungau family in these past few months.

the next thing that i'm gonna share here is important.

my cousin/niece, i don't know what to call her but she is someone close to me, has gone missing. she has been missing for 5 days now and according to the news given by police and friends, she is being locked up in one house in a estate area with many guys.

while praying for her today, my tears just felled. it hurts when someone close to you is gone and you got no idea on how and where to find that person. i just pray that she will be okay. i pray that the holy spirits will intervene and that those guys can never do harm to her just like the lions did no harm to danial when he was thrown into the den. ><

i just want her to come home safely right now. :"(

its a small chance that anyone would read this but if you do, please share shall you? take it as i'm begging. i know this sharing might not be that helpful but i think this is the only thing that i can do right now. i don't know what else to do besides praying for her and sharing it with anyone who cares. :(

Feb 22, 2013

Me? A Foreigner?

first of all, hello there. first week of university had been posted and i was kinda glad that my subjects are done and i'm only left with ptptn to settle but who knows, i got a HUGE shock today.

i was supposed to go for TITAS class at 3pm today and the date to take voucher is also today. so early the morning, i went to the faculty with one of my friend and see if we could get it as soon as possible but who knows, there was a long queue right in front of the office. these people very greedy hor? * including me*

we waited for almost an hour but because she has to go back to her hometown, she went back earlier so i join my other group of friends to see if i could get the voucher. after 2 hours of waiting, standing, kak shida finally came out and tell us that today is friday and office will be closing early  i then asked her if i could get the voucher since i just register this semester and one of the MPM had told me that its a december list. however, i stick around with my friends and see if i can check. who knows right? ;)

anyway, to cut the story short, i did not manage to get the voucher though my name is in the system and i have to wait for another 5 days to see if i could have that voucher. haihh.

back to the main story of the day, on the first day of registration, i was given a book as a guideline to see what i should register for this semester. i did what i should and there was 6 subjects that i'm supposed to take this sem and what i did was i match that given guideline with the schedule which was pinned onto the board.

one week ago, class was supposed to start but i did not go cause i have to babysit the boys. >REMEMBER??? <

so this week, which was my first class and when i went in, i saw one of my indonesia friend. the conversation went like this.

me: eh? you pon ambik titas yea?
him: eh? tak laa. ni bukan titas. ni ialah malaysian arts.
me: ahh? bukan laa! titas laa. my jadual says so!
him: tengok ni. *take out phone* tuu. nama course pon sama. 
me: ouh. okaaay. =_________=

i rushed upstairs and went to kumary who was queuing up for her vouchers. at that moment, i think i'm gonna cry cause this kind of things has never happen to me before and this is my first time going through all this.

FYI, today is the last day for the foreigner to register their subjects and as for local students, we have to pay rm50 per subject. da la i got no money with me at that time. i'm only left with rm6. want money? take my handbag or shoes, or whatever laa.

so, i went to the office and thank God those akak had saw me billions of time *okay. i exaggerate* and they managed to help me with that. i don't have to pay a single cent and my subjects are back to normal and everything seems fine right now.

i was told that i have to go to Fakulty Tamadun Islam *FTI* if not mistaken and asked for a change in course and i have to delete my current subjects. i was in a mess at that time that i don't even bother to answer people when they asked me questions.

well, they just asked to sooth their curiousness so why must i followed them right? i hate talking about myself with people who i'm not close with. bah. besides, i have to explain and that will just eat my time. anyway, i'm sure this news about eunice will past along soon. lol. *bajet popular*

anyway, i really thank God that kim was there to drive me over to FTI and back again to faculty and again to kolej. if she wasn't there, i'm sure that i can never make it in time to settle everything by today and sit here and discuss this on Sleek and Pump. rightrightright??? =D

seriously, thank God He send these angels to helped me along the way. if they wasn't there to helped me, i'm sure i would be damn clueless and sit there like a statue or maybe started crying. lol.

well, God let things happened but He will always be there to give us a way out. He will surely send people to talk us through or let people come into our path to help us out when He knows that we might not be able to take it.

ouh2. i remembered these sentence.

God let things happened cause He knows that we can overcome it. 

have a happy weekend!

Feb 20, 2013

One Week In University

Its been one week since i step back into my "usual life" as a university student. ahh. i love the rush of adrenaline when the lectures ask me questions, the way people act in class, the different personality that my new classmates have, my friends here in university and almost everything laa!

the only thing i don't miss is waiting for the bus and meeting new people *i have to memorize 50 names for now* i just hope these people will be kind. lol.

summary of my new week in here, i had been going to a few class right now. its almost the same as my last semester timetable but somehow  its different cause the people is not the same. in this class, i have to be independent. almost everything is on my own. i got no one to help me when lecturer asked me questions or when i need someone to chop a place for me. get what i meant?

anyway, these few days, i had been busy going around the office just to get my letter to send to ptptn. i need one so that my ptptn will be activated once again. see? i'm poor. ><

back to the story, the people there looks kinda busy with other things so my "un-important" letter is chuck one side first. they told me to wait for 3 working days and i did and when i went there yesterday, they told me that they don't know how to "karang" it. wth? why can't you tell me earlier right? haihh. another day to wait.

in the end, she told me to compose it myself and she will type it out for me. okay. fine. i did it, and when i asked her if i could get it by today, she said, "saya cuba yea?" =________= damn.

i just hope that my letter will be ready by today. i got not much money left in my purse and i DON'T WANT TO GO AND GET MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT! *sorry for the caps locks. its on purpose* lol.

push those sad things aside, there are happy things too! i will be getting my rm250 voucher today and by the way, i'm still a first year student. lol. sad thing right? *i thought this is suppose to be happy?* all my friends are seniors and i'm still their juniors. lol. what to do. things had already happen. i just have to face it up and take in everything for now. ==

a cat which accompanied me for dinner one night. she looks cute but she is fierce but manja all at the same time. haha. 

my friends had been good with me. i do miss them cause we don't really get to meet up because of our different schedule but it's okay. when there is a will, there is a way right? =)

well, a short *i hope so* summary of what happened this one whole week. one more week to look forward to and one day, i will find that i had finish this semester. let's gambate together! =D

Feb 19, 2013

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.ON- Noah & The Whale

This song is an inspiring song so let me share with anyone who cares to read.

a song which can bring us out of hard circumstances in our life. things may not look that good right now but trust me, God will make it better and life goes on.

Keep smiling! =)

Feb 16, 2013

One Day With Them

12th February 2013, we went out together in a group. we are supposed to be 7 of us but one guy did not turn out. ouh well, guess he's too busy with his own activities. hee. 

we met at 10am plus at PB mall and head straight to City Square. 

ate at a Kopitiam inside CS. it looks new and the food is quite okay la for my taste buds. reshie and i ordered mee rebus, sha ordered tauhu bakar and roshan ate nasi lemak. well, one F&B shop done, next time, will try others. =D

it's almost one year plus we did not meet up with isa. fuhh. he did not change a lot. he did put on a little weight but the extra weight on him looks just fine! a guy should not be too skinny. they won't give girls a sense of protection. lol.

[from left] me, reshie, isa

[from left] roshan, sah

so sweet right this couple? ;)

it looks like that is my hair. lol. 

see! my hair so long! =D

the power of smart phone. =D

this guy kept laughing at my english. dammit. =________=

this picture looks so sweet right??!! must print it out and frame it laa. =D

my favorite picture of the day. =)

i love you guys! <3!

for the whole day, we just enjoyed the company provided by everyone. we don't have to talk or do something but it just feels so good to have them with me. =)

Sha's 21st Birthday Celebration

Hello there! this is my evening news for my beloved readers. do enjoy. =)

Remember this post? i posted saying that i went to my bestie Sha's birthday and two days later, we head out as a group but i will talk about that later.

let's just concentrate on this birthday post shall we? =)


The birthday girl aka the queen of the night.

first group picture after so many months. first picture for the night. see! the gift bag is still in my hand!

reshie and sha. 

roshan and sha. ;)

reshie and af.

she looks like a lady who is having her engagement party right? lol. i wonder how she will look like when she have her engagement party someday. =D

 Time for group pictures. its been so long since we last took pictures like this! guess everyone was in the mood to do so. ya wadd! wear so pretty, don't wanna take pictures meh? =D

[from the left] reshie, me, sha, roshan, arvin. 

[from left] reshie, me, sha, arvin, af.

arvin left our high school when he was 15 and this is the first time since i seen him. wow. 6 years! O.O

then, we started getting "drunk" with the lime juice and started behaving comfortably which produced these pictures. lol. 

that's varsha. sha's baby sister. she's cute! and she has good PR skills! =D

ouh God. my arms. did push-ups like din do any push-ups at all. =________=

i love hugs like this!!! tight and warm!

siblings love! =D

FYI, i was sitting on her's lap. i wonder how she can stand my weight. lol. 

pity her. she got no time to eat at all! at this time, most of the guest are on their way home. only we girls act crazy around her at this time.

FYI, there's a bar beside this cafe and the conversation went like this:

me: sha, let's go next door jom!
sha: okaay. let's go. *she said this without thinking and she even stood up!* 
the girls: *started laughing hysterically* 

now, given sha's character, it's a little hard to imagine her in a bar taking a shot to celebrate her's birthday. that is why we laugh like what when those words came out spontaneously from her mouth. 

if you are reading this, one day yea sha? one fine day we go and have a 21 year old birthday shot. ;)

my favorite picture of the night. we took this picture 4 years back and lots of things had changed about us. well, da besar la katakan. =D

again. thanks for inviting us and happy birthday sha! =D