Feb 5, 2013

A Huge Progress

Its a brand new day and it also means that i have one week more to be at home with my family. man. i'm gonna go through all the new things again. it's gonna be just like orientation week but the difference is that this time, i will be all by myself. no one is gonna take care of me like before and this time, i think i'm gonna stay away from people. i don't think i'm ready to get back in the social circle.

after so long of being on medical leave, i'm sure when i head back, many questions will be ask. haihh. i hate talking about myself. well, i am self obsessed at times but i think that changes a lot since the past few months. i guess people learn after they had fallen to the ground huh?

well, its a fact that things are gonna change and i cannot change that fact so instead of being scared of it, i should just face up to reality right? ahak. keep smiling girl. =)

ouh! ouh! let's talk about some happy stuff shall we? =D

yesterday night, we went to one of the small supermarket nearby and there was a weighing machine in there. dad went first and deon followed. i was thinking, given the circumstances that i am right now, which is not doing any exercise at all, i thought i would have maintain at 62kg.

well, i did gain a lot of weight. everyone kept saying that i look chubby right now. yeah. what to do. when there's food on demand, its just so hard to control!

anyway, back to the happy topic, when i get on the scale, i was thinking,

"nah. maybe i will go down 1kg or maybe even maintain?" 

and guess what!?

the scale read:

wtf?? oh man! i quickly did my calculation there and then and jump up and down! i was so happy! LOL!

if people would have walk through there, they would have think that i'm out of my mind. ahah.

i did my woohoo dance. yeah. seriously. not kidding. i did it right there and then. i was so happy! i did not expect that my weight could go down 4.5kg in a month! yeah! you read that! a month! freaking crazy right??

i read of people losing 8kg in 6 months and i had lost half of it in a month! ouh God. i just pray hard that this continue till my initial weight is reached. haha.

well, tips? hmm.

i did not do any exercise except for push up *i'm obsessed of muscles in arms* 20 times a day and go jogging when i feel like to. haha. i'm lazy in doing exercise. =="

however, i think for the past month, i only went for jogging twice? =="

anyway, my weight did went down but i think i still look the same. haha. i'm still chubby i think. errk.

people said that to look like you actually lose weight, you have to exercise but then, i think its better to lose the numbers first then only turn the remaining fats to muscles. that's what i think though. maybe it works differently for others.

that's all i wanna share about today. happy Tuesday!

if i keep losing till i reach the weight that i'm happy with, then i will share the tips. right now, let's just hope and pray that it works.


Work Hard and Be Nice to People.

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