Feb 14, 2013

Back In University

I'm back! =D

i have been playing the song "I'm coming home" for like so many times so that i can have the umph to be back in university. today is my second day in utm and my first class was english. i will be going for the second class later on at 4pm to 6pm. i hate that timing. it's so late!

there's nothing much to post right now cause i got no friends *i mean from my class* and i feel like an outsider. ahaha. don't ask me why but it looks like almost everything has change!

i had forgotten the names of some places. i had forgotten people names. this is so terrible of me. they came up to me and say "HI EUNICE!!!" *yeah. they shouted* and i went, "HIII!" in my head, i have to search for some deep memories on what their names are. haihh. i'm old lady right now. do forgive me kay? i'm 21. =D

anyway, here is a song to celebrate my homecoming  lol. some people predicted that this will be the next gangnam style but who knows?

P/s: it may be 18 above. =D


Happy Ber-Kuliah people! =)

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