Feb 22, 2013

Me? A Foreigner?

first of all, hello there. first week of university had been posted and i was kinda glad that my subjects are done and i'm only left with ptptn to settle but who knows, i got a HUGE shock today.

i was supposed to go for TITAS class at 3pm today and the date to take voucher is also today. so early the morning, i went to the faculty with one of my friend and see if we could get it as soon as possible but who knows, there was a long queue right in front of the office. these people very greedy hor? * including me*

we waited for almost an hour but because she has to go back to her hometown, she went back earlier so i join my other group of friends to see if i could get the voucher. after 2 hours of waiting, standing, kak shida finally came out and tell us that today is friday and office will be closing early  i then asked her if i could get the voucher since i just register this semester and one of the MPM had told me that its a december list. however, i stick around with my friends and see if i can check. who knows right? ;)

anyway, to cut the story short, i did not manage to get the voucher though my name is in the system and i have to wait for another 5 days to see if i could have that voucher. haihh.

back to the main story of the day, on the first day of registration, i was given a book as a guideline to see what i should register for this semester. i did what i should and there was 6 subjects that i'm supposed to take this sem and what i did was i match that given guideline with the schedule which was pinned onto the board.

one week ago, class was supposed to start but i did not go cause i have to babysit the boys. >REMEMBER??? <

so this week, which was my first class and when i went in, i saw one of my indonesia friend. the conversation went like this.

me: eh? you pon ambik titas yea?
him: eh? tak laa. ni bukan titas. ni ialah malaysian arts.
me: ahh? bukan laa! titas laa. my jadual says so!
him: tengok ni. *take out phone* tuu. nama course pon sama. 
me: ouh. okaaay. =_________=

i rushed upstairs and went to kumary who was queuing up for her vouchers. at that moment, i think i'm gonna cry cause this kind of things has never happen to me before and this is my first time going through all this.

FYI, today is the last day for the foreigner to register their subjects and as for local students, we have to pay rm50 per subject. da la i got no money with me at that time. i'm only left with rm6. want money? take my handbag or shoes, or whatever laa.

so, i went to the office and thank God those akak had saw me billions of time *okay. i exaggerate* and they managed to help me with that. i don't have to pay a single cent and my subjects are back to normal and everything seems fine right now.

i was told that i have to go to Fakulty Tamadun Islam *FTI* if not mistaken and asked for a change in course and i have to delete my current subjects. i was in a mess at that time that i don't even bother to answer people when they asked me questions.

well, they just asked to sooth their curiousness so why must i followed them right? i hate talking about myself with people who i'm not close with. bah. besides, i have to explain and that will just eat my time. anyway, i'm sure this news about eunice will past along soon. lol. *bajet popular*

anyway, i really thank God that kim was there to drive me over to FTI and back again to faculty and again to kolej. if she wasn't there, i'm sure that i can never make it in time to settle everything by today and sit here and discuss this on Sleek and Pump. rightrightright??? =D

seriously, thank God He send these angels to helped me along the way. if they wasn't there to helped me, i'm sure i would be damn clueless and sit there like a statue or maybe started crying. lol.

well, God let things happened but He will always be there to give us a way out. He will surely send people to talk us through or let people come into our path to help us out when He knows that we might not be able to take it.

ouh2. i remembered these sentence.

God let things happened cause He knows that we can overcome it. 

have a happy weekend!

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