Feb 15, 2013

One Day of Baby-Sitting

it's friday baby. a day for people to follow and a day for people to be fashionable.

anyway, today which is the day i'm supposed to have my first TITAS class but i skipped it just for the sake of taking care of these boys. lol. people might take baby sitting a harsh thing but for me, its fun! yeah! it may be tiring but its worth it when the day is over. you learn so much from them!

the day begin with little ray running into my room asking me to wake up. lol. when mom asked him to give me a morning kiss, he went all red and act shy shy. so cute laa! then, we went out to eat breakfast. this little ray loves to eat fast and when we talked to his mom about it, she said its a habit cause at school, he will eat fast2 and run off to play. no wonder he eat like he's having a eating competition. lol.

next, we went to the proton service center to service our car. fuhh. it was boring there. thank God they on the TV for us to entertain the boys. meanwhile, while the dramas are changing, we played a game called "Guessing The Animal". its an easy game for children this age. little ray act like an ostrich and he was so cute at doing it! lol!

finally got home and the time for baby sitting is real. haha. we have to keep them from getting boring and it was easy with sean cause he's 9 and he can play computer games *he played facebook games all day long* but little ray was a little tough. i tried asking him to do a valentine's card for his mom and he did it. it was full with stickers though. most of them came in pairs and looks like they are kissing each other. wtf. kids nowadays really know what is couple huh? he's only 6. lol.

besides that, the TV was on for like the whole day? that is the best entertainment for these boys i think *besides the laptop* and dancing to Gangnam Style. ohmy. i forgot to record their action but they were so cutee! omg! they danced the dance finish okay! so much stamina. lol. i lose to them without saying anything. lol.

enjoy the pictures of these boys! they are so precious to me! =D

little ray

little sean

he showing me his HUGE submarine. 

this is what deon and sean do most of the day. 

it don't look like valentine card. it looks like sticker card. lol.

these boys are so cute! its kinda easy to take care of them anyway so thank God everything went smoothly. i can even spend one hour of my time to sleep. lol.

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