Feb 16, 2013

One Day With Them

12th February 2013, we went out together in a group. we are supposed to be 7 of us but one guy did not turn out. ouh well, guess he's too busy with his own activities. hee. 

we met at 10am plus at PB mall and head straight to City Square. 

ate at a Kopitiam inside CS. it looks new and the food is quite okay la for my taste buds. reshie and i ordered mee rebus, sha ordered tauhu bakar and roshan ate nasi lemak. well, one F&B shop done, next time, will try others. =D

it's almost one year plus we did not meet up with isa. fuhh. he did not change a lot. he did put on a little weight but the extra weight on him looks just fine! a guy should not be too skinny. they won't give girls a sense of protection. lol.

[from left] me, reshie, isa

[from left] roshan, sah

so sweet right this couple? ;)

it looks like that is my hair. lol. 

see! my hair so long! =D

the power of smart phone. =D

this guy kept laughing at my english. dammit. =________=

this picture looks so sweet right??!! must print it out and frame it laa. =D

my favorite picture of the day. =)

i love you guys! <3!

for the whole day, we just enjoyed the company provided by everyone. we don't have to talk or do something but it just feels so good to have them with me. =)

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