Feb 20, 2013

One Week In University

Its been one week since i step back into my "usual life" as a university student. ahh. i love the rush of adrenaline when the lectures ask me questions, the way people act in class, the different personality that my new classmates have, my friends here in university and almost everything laa!

the only thing i don't miss is waiting for the bus and meeting new people *i have to memorize 50 names for now* i just hope these people will be kind. lol.

summary of my new week in here, i had been going to a few class right now. its almost the same as my last semester timetable but somehow  its different cause the people is not the same. in this class, i have to be independent. almost everything is on my own. i got no one to help me when lecturer asked me questions or when i need someone to chop a place for me. get what i meant?

anyway, these few days, i had been busy going around the office just to get my letter to send to ptptn. i need one so that my ptptn will be activated once again. see? i'm poor. ><

back to the story, the people there looks kinda busy with other things so my "un-important" letter is chuck one side first. they told me to wait for 3 working days and i did and when i went there yesterday, they told me that they don't know how to "karang" it. wth? why can't you tell me earlier right? haihh. another day to wait.

in the end, she told me to compose it myself and she will type it out for me. okay. fine. i did it, and when i asked her if i could get it by today, she said, "saya cuba yea?" =________= damn.

i just hope that my letter will be ready by today. i got not much money left in my purse and i DON'T WANT TO GO AND GET MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT! *sorry for the caps locks. its on purpose* lol.

push those sad things aside, there are happy things too! i will be getting my rm250 voucher today and by the way, i'm still a first year student. lol. sad thing right? *i thought this is suppose to be happy?* all my friends are seniors and i'm still their juniors. lol. what to do. things had already happen. i just have to face it up and take in everything for now. ==

a cat which accompanied me for dinner one night. she looks cute but she is fierce but manja all at the same time. haha. 

my friends had been good with me. i do miss them cause we don't really get to meet up because of our different schedule but it's okay. when there is a will, there is a way right? =)

well, a short *i hope so* summary of what happened this one whole week. one more week to look forward to and one day, i will find that i had finish this semester. let's gambate together! =D

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