Feb 24, 2013

Someone died. Someone gone missing.

last night, around 1am, i received a call from one of my dad's cousin, and after letting them both having their talk, dad told me that that cousin's brother had passed on which means, my dad's cousin is dead. all of us rushed out from the house and went over to uncle donny house to see that uncle's wife, daughter and granddaughter. his granddaughter is only 3 weeks old and he missed the chance of holding her. :(

according to the news shared by dad, he said that this uncle michael fell unconscious and after a few hours, he passed on. i'm not sure how it is but that's what i know. haihh. this is the 3th death in the dungau family in these past few months.

the next thing that i'm gonna share here is important.

my cousin/niece, i don't know what to call her but she is someone close to me, has gone missing. she has been missing for 5 days now and according to the news given by police and friends, she is being locked up in one house in a estate area with many guys.

while praying for her today, my tears just felled. it hurts when someone close to you is gone and you got no idea on how and where to find that person. i just pray that she will be okay. i pray that the holy spirits will intervene and that those guys can never do harm to her just like the lions did no harm to danial when he was thrown into the den. ><

i just want her to come home safely right now. :"(

its a small chance that anyone would read this but if you do, please share shall you? take it as i'm begging. i know this sharing might not be that helpful but i think this is the only thing that i can do right now. i don't know what else to do besides praying for her and sharing it with anyone who cares. :(

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  1. be strong eunice! if the police know what happens to your niece why dont they do something?


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