Feb 12, 2013


it's been 9 months since i last entered university and tomorrow will be my first time going in back after a long break. fuhh. i had my rest. i had my recovery. now, it's time to hit back to real life.

i won't deny that i'm afraid. i'm so scared of changes. since young, lots of changes had been happening to me that you might think that i am use to it but let me tell you something, people never stop getting use to changes. human nature are like that i supposed.

i will remain in the first year students though this is supposed to be my second year in university. i will graduate later than my other friends but i do have other friends which are going through the same as me so why worry right?

however, i'm sure there will be new people in my so-called new life. there's gonna be a class full of them and i just don't know how am i supposed to get use to all this.

each time i think about all these things that are happening in my life, tears just flows like a river but then, the same bible verse which give me hope many months back just came back to me.

and so, i'm gonna stand by this promise of God and go into university life with no worries. it may hit me anytime but i'm sure everything will be okay when God is in control of my life.

this time round, i wanna promised myself that i will never let myself fall into depression or stress out myself or do anything that can harm me. i'm gonna stay on to His words and i'm gonna try to make the days of my life a fulfilled life so that when i died *choi* one day, i will never regret anything that happen in my life.

nervous. scared. hope.

keep smiling. =)

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