Mar 20, 2013

A Student Life [Boo]

Bonjour! Comment allez vous? [hello. how are you?]

It's been a long time since i posted a decent post on what is happening in my life right? even the usual manic-monday, tune-tuesday and wordless wednesday is left behind. well, i know i shouldn't be giving any excuses but just accept this yea? that's a student life. :p

a student life. ;)

anyway, let me post this ASAP.  i am left with 3 chapters to finish reading and yet i'm wasting my time playing criminal case and candy crush. damn those games. ahaha. keep me from playing those games for one day and i would be complaining all the way. these games are a real success in keeping my ass to the chair! *and ditching my books*

i will be having my first test this friday and another 3 test on its way. well, like i said before, that's a student life. :p

now, i had been busy going to library these few days and on two different occasion, people make their way to talked to me about their business and clubs and i was thinking, does my face looks too nice that people just love to stop me and talked to me or is it just them doing that to everyone? well oh well, as long as they don't take my time, i'm glad to assist them in any way that i could. *chewah*

next up, there will be a field trip to Kuala Lumpur and we have to do our group assignment there. the subject that requires this is Personal Grooming and Etiquette and after attending this class for quite some time, i think its much fun compared to orienteering or even trekking  i DO love those outdoor activities but once a while, a change is kinda fun.

these few weeks in her class had taught me so many things! for example, guys have to ALWAYS walk on the right side of the girl so in case anything would have happen, his right hand could protect the girl, and guys must always let girls climb up the stairs. lol. and all this while, i was thinking that guys just wanna take a look at our ass. ahahaha. XD

besides that, we also learned about colors combination and how to dress ourselves. it IS interesting cause i learned so many errors! well, guess you can call me the pro right now. lol.

nah. not really. i still prefer my own style right now while going to class. a t-shirt and a jeans. that is just nice for me to attend class. i'm going to study anyway and not some kind of interview or what. well, let's just put that to rest till i need it one day kay? ;D

well, i got to get back to my books. it's gonna be bed time soon. Bonne nuit ! [good night]

by the way, i am obsessed over french right now. *people gaga over korean but i gaga over the hardest language in the world* well, if there are people who can do it, why not me? if korean who don't speak english can do it, why not me? ahak.

test this friday! wish me "all the best!"

when the roommate sleeps, the music be my partner in crime.

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