Mar 13, 2013


Hello there. its been a long week but a fast one though. it was like just yesterday i came back from my trip and poof! a brand new week again. haihh. what a cycle huh?

today marks the 6th month. haha. i don't know if i should be thankful to God that he still give me a chance or should i sit down and cry. lol. but what i did learnt from the past few months, is give thanks. no matter what happen, give thanks. circumstances may be tough and the situation may not be in your favor but God has plans for each one of us. he will never let the birds in the air, the ants on land to starve so what about us? his special, loving sons and daughters? you think he will let you suffer and gain nothing? OF COURSE NOT!

i learnt through circumstances, and i meant tough ones. it may sound small to those who are suffering cancer and "soon-to-go" cases but i do know that that is one of my biggest challenges, and no! i don't want any more challenges as huge as that! lol.

back to my topic, i learnt that when bad things happen, we can only run to our Father in Heaven cause there's no one on earth who really understand what we went through. friends and family may know and give their concern, love and advice but only the Father in Heaven know how much your tears had fallen, how much you had kneel down and cry out to Him, how much you had keep everyone out and close the door just to dwell in His presence.

and each time after all those special encounter with Him, there is new strength which gives us the power to move on.

well, why am i blogging about this hah?

maybe i just wanna let people know a little more about me. ahak.

or maybe im just trying to find a place to tell that today's date is a special date for me. :")

You know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow." James 1:3

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