Mar 10, 2013

CNY Celebration In School

Last night, auntie Ko called us and invited us to a celebration in Sean's school which is SJKC Masai. well, this is my first time going for a school event at night and i was kinda excited. lol.

though CNY is over but i don't know why this school wanna celebrate it but who cares right? got angpows and food, so why not? ;)

i love to play with this springy toy. lol. =______=

he was so excited when he saw those bubbles. haha.

inside got rm1. =D

playing some silly angpows award. 

i just love his smile when he smiled like that. haha. he looks so cute! ><

wet in his own sweat. phew.

one last picture before we end the night. =)

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