Mar 31, 2013

Goodbye March Hello Arpil

wow. this place sure don't smell good. it feels so dusty. ahah.

now, i had been busy. REAL busy. *i have to type with cap locks on to emphasize how busy i am*

here is the summary of March for me. :D

went to a dinner with the whole family. the bride was beautiful! :D

went karaoke with my girlfriends at Loud Speaker. man. these ladies are CRAZY! LOL! i mean..they can really go high man! lol! 

ouh, the price is rm9.90 for 3 hours starting from 11am. you can choose one set of food and one set of drink. delicious.

went to KLIA and KLCC with my friends from Personal Grooming and Ettiqutes. okay. wth. it may sound a  little weird but its kinda fun! i would recommend this to juniors who wanna get an A, enjoy the class, and get some good knowledge which will be useful in the future. 

right now, i regret taking that orienteering class cause i don't think i learned anything from that class. =_______=

ouh well. that's all for right now. 

im super tired!

goodnight everyone! 


eunice gm. :D

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