Mar 6, 2013

Travel- Tangkak to Melacca


Ahhh. it's been a long time since i last typed in here. i had been busy playing some silly games on facebook and of course  university life evolves assignment and quiz, which i can't use as an excuse as my close friends in here will tell you that i waste more of my time on lappie than the books. lol.

anyway, last friday, my 5 girlfriends and i went on a trip. we took a morning bus down to Tangkak which by the way is in Johor. *i couldn't find it on the map. wth* and when we got there, madeline who is the host for this trip, took us to one of the famous "mi hun kueh" also known as flour kuih? lol. i don't know how to translate it but i do know it is something make out of flour. 

dry mi hun kueh.

coconut ice. 

wan tan mee. 

tomyam mi hun kueh. =D

normal wan. 

this taste so good when you are drenched in sweat.

yu mian if not mistaken. 

the restaurant. 

the food here taste a little bland for me. it must be because of the food in jb that taste much more than tangkak. nonono, i'm not trying to say that the food there is not tasty but its just a little bland for me. 

we then head over to her's house and rest a little while before going for dinner with her family. man. it was an awkward moment when her parents called so many dishes. i was so full that i think that my stomach would have burst if they would have ordered another plate of dish. haha. 

madeline's family.

i got no pictures for the food as i was too shy to take out my camera. hehe. malu2 kuching la katakan. :p

that night, we started to cam whore with the camera but i'm too shy to show it in here. hehe. just show the nice2 wan laa. :p

Second day

We woke up around 8plus if not mistaken, and head out to eat pau. the tea was nice and the pau taste good. the peanuts bun is just the same as permas bun. the nuts in there are crunched nuts instead of the usual nuts. i hate those usual nuts. haha. 

super traditional right? lol!

peanut bun.

chai siew bun.

red bean bun.

we then begin our trip down to Melacca around 10am if not mistaken. i don't really see the time when i am on vacation. hehe. the only thing i know is that when we reached there, it was so hot that the road can cook an egg. haha. 

peipei sleeping away. she is so good in sleeping in this position. lol.

girls gone shy. wtf.

the girls started taking lotion and apply all over their body. haha.

this looks like jing wen was being thrown by the others. as it is her birthday. lol.

finger pointing to butt. wth. =="

we then went straight to the transportation place and took lotsa pictures. man. it was so hot and yet we can smile so happily. wtf. i was sweating like a pig when we were in the train taking photos. it was too hot! it felt like a sauna in there. fuh!

jing wen [green] me [pink] madeliene [yellow] qiao xuan [white] peipei [black] shu qing [blue]

we then head over to jonker street and had our lunch there. there was 3 chicken rice shop but we choose the last famous shop as the other two shops has too many people. people were lining up for it though my friend told me that it is not as nice as they said. well, next time will try there. =D

hot and sticky. lol.

people lining up for chicken rice. 

one of my favorite pictures. =D see la who is the photographer. :p

the main point of us taking photo here is because of the bomb but i don't know what happened and this is the conclusion. can you see the bomb? lol.

we then head over to nadeje as it is well known for its thousand layers cake if not mistaken. we have to wait for almost an hour and when i wanted to wash hand, the waiter told me that they got no sink. wtf. i was like...=_______=. how can a cafe got no sink to wash hand? thank God their cakes taste okay. or else, hmmm. 

double chocolate.



Pasar Malam

ohmygod. this popiah taste super duper nice. oh god. looking back at this picture makes me wanna rush down to tangkak again for this popiah. lol.

carrot cake. =D

i forgot the name of this drink but it taste sour. not my cup of tea.

the amount of food. O.O

pretty right?? =D

my senior on the right. muacks! =D

there. lotsa pictures right? haha. the food is the best i think but still can't fight with ipoh food. hehe. 

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