Mar 10, 2013

Vintage Floral Nail

Next week is going to be Malam Puncak Perdana in our kolej and the theme for this year is vintage and the dress code is scarf. i not yet think about my outfit but i think i'm gonna go with this. its floral so i guess, its following the theme right? o.O

for the scarf part, i just don't get it. why must vintage go with scarf? lol. i guess i'm gonna go with a scarf tied to my hair. haha. i wonder how i'm gonna look. =D

by the way, since the theme is vintage, i decided to look for tutorial for something which has connection with vintage and i found this.

she is one of my favorite fashion vlogger. i just love her voice! haha!

anyway, i tried doing it with my own colors. *i don't really have many colors* and here is the result.

my left hand.

colors for left hand.

colors for right hand.

all the colors used. =="

i think this is my favorite nail. lol.

my right hand. 

i was having trouble with my right hand as i am a right handed person. it was tough and the flowers look a little bigger than the left hand but i did it. lol. the polka dots was done last minute as i totally forgot that i was supposed to do it on my ring and middle finger. haihh.

anyway, i think i am 50% ready for MPP. lol. 

as if.

dance choreography still hanging lor. =_________= 

i just pray that i don't make a fool out of myself. haha!

personally, i don't really like this style. it took me 4 hours to complete this look and i feel its too messy. maybe i just don't have the talent to do it like budz or maybe i just don't like it. well, let's just keep it for one week kay? 

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