Mar 19, 2013

Vintage For One Night

Yesterday was Malam Puncak Perdana for our college and my friends and i was selected to do a performance. it was a hindustan performance and i think we all did a good job but wait till i get the render. if i do get it, then if i can have it, then i MIGHT post it in here. gee.

anyway, the theme for the night is Vintage blahblahblah. i don't remember the behind sentence but i do know the theme is more to vintage look.

Two weeks back, we had started our practice and there were some pictures which i had posted on facebook. it's a fun activity when it comes to dancing cause you get to enjoy yourself and at the same time, you get to lose those fats! ahak!

the dinner begin at 8.30pm if not mistaken. it was super scary before we went on the stage but when we were on the stage, i think we rock. ahak.

during practice in the bilik cermin.

so, let the pictures speak for themselves. 

dance costumes. :D

getting ready. 

one big hindustan group.

vespa. awesome laa but dare not to sit on it. ehe.

my girls. ;)

The night ended around 12.30am and the bus which was supposed to send us back home left us behind so we have to walked all the way from the auditorium. haihh. this is one more reason why i want a car. haha. 

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