Apr 24, 2013

Singapore Actor Huang Wenyong Sies of Lymphoma

i saw this post running around on facebook and i know someone "close" *we  grew up watching them in teli* but since i couldn't read mandarin, i asked my friends lor and when they told me that he is the one that passed away, my eyes started getting red thinking about those comedy movies that he had done together with Chen Li Ping. =(

he was sick before this but it was stated that he was getting well but then who could have expect that he had gone to the other side of the world eh? it's just so fast. i think it is early this january that i saw him acting in one of the drama. why so fast? 

he died at the age of 60 on saturday night. 

sending all my condolence to his family. Rest In Peace. =(

his wake which will be lasting for 5 days.

this coming star award 2013, i heard that he has won something and his wife and daughter will be there to take it for him. =(

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Dear Diary,

Dear Diary *this statement shows that this post may be long and emotional and randomly topics will pop out. beware*


Dear Diary,

this few days had been damn busy for me that i missed out so many things but thinking back of all the activities that i had done, it's like not that busy leh. i still got time to play games each day oh. haha.

anyway, the few things that i would love to rant about is, i missed the chance of joining the nuffnang campaign  assignments are beginning to top up, would love to share a story about the 17 year-old girl who saw her's mama died *sending all my condolence and love to this family*,  Day 10 challenge is not done *epic failure*, DOVE advertisement which is touching to heart *i think i shared this liao*, i got myself new manicure color, having plans of going vegetarian but i don't think it will be able to be successful due to love of meat *LOL*, final exam would be in june *which also means SOON*, plans to go to USS is on the way, running man episode 142 is in my hand, stories about politic but i don't think i would love to discuss about this. lol. i think i ranted a lot. lol.

okay. let's begin.

first of all, i received an email from Nuffnang saying this:

see? i think i had received this email a LONG time ago but since yesterday was the deadline, they decided to send it again to me. well, i am soooo sorry. i wish i could join. when i received this "reminder", all i could think off is who would like to join me and do this together2 but then when i saw the deadline, my hopes and dreams went down the drain in seconds. haihh. wasted one chance. boo me. =(

next thing is that there is this new game on facebook and it's something like candy crush so since i am stuck in candy crush, why not turn to this? AND i am stuck again. =_________=

ouhouh. my 10 days challenge is an epic failure, just to let you know. haha. i fail in keeping up with it but i think when i have the time then i will go and settle that laa. just to fulfilled the terms. i don't think i will ever do that type of challenge for the blogs ever again. lol. it's just too busy and i am the type of person who will put the important things first before anything. obviously, i thinks that that challenge is NOT that important. ahah.

will be sharing the 17 year old girl story soon. it's sad right? why are there so many crimes in malaysia nowadays hah? haihh.

so, last but not least *not gonna bored this post*, assignments and test are filling up on me and they are drowning me slowly. i don't know why do i still procrastinate but at times, the entertainment is much3 fun than sitting there and doing those assignments. haha. bak kata my OC lecturer,

The juice of creativity will flows when the assignment is due tomorrow. 
and she added in the last sentence.

ouh well, haha.

ouhouh! i still not yet scan through the new followers eh? i am soooo sorry! and those who came blog walking also not yet visit them back. haihh. just reminded of it when i was looking through the blog list. haihh.

well, all this proves that i am not a good blogger and i blog out of fun and not out of need. bah. what am i saying. lol.

well, goodbye peeps. rushing off to another round of games and off i head to class! =D

eunice gm.

Apr 21, 2013

You Are More Beautiful Than What You Thought

well, hello there. i would love to share this with people who would want to read this.

just watch the video okay?

done watching it? amazing right? the job itself is amazing but the fact that people thinks that we are much more beautiful than we think we are is truly amazing.

i always thinks that i have a ugly nose. i would love to have a higher bridge nose, or a button nose would be fine. i would love to have a smaller nose, and not this kenyah nose. haha. i would love to have a even eyes and longer eye lashes like my indian friends, and rounder eyes too. i would love to have straighter and whiter teeth and i would love to have a pretty jawline. i would love to have a not so huge forehead (another kenyah symbol) so that i wouldn't have to hide behind these bangs of mine. i would love to have a perfect face.

but after seeing this, i realized that that our facial looks is not just the only part of us that judges if we are pretty or not but instead, it is our personality which plays an important role. a person who gets to know us, maybe not through looks, will think that we are beautiful just because we smiled and talk with twinkling eyes.

therefore, ladies out there, your face is not everything.

You are MORE beautiful than what you think. NEVER EVER thinks that you are ugly.

so, goodbye plans to do plastic surgery for nose. haha.

i'm gonna learn to love my face the way i am. let's learn together okay?


just got back from church so snapsnap. learning to love this face. ><

eunice gm.

Apr 20, 2013

Baddies Of Boston Had Been Caught

Remember this post about #PrayForBoston? well, this time it's not a sad news but it is a good news. hah.

those baddies had been caught and there are some weird news about those guys.

these bastards *do pardon me. pfft* are Dzhokhar and Tamerlan (26 years old) and they are immigrants of Chechen origin. *they are brothers fyi*

there was cameras which caught them at the scence and here they are:

this is suspect 1.

and this is suspect 2.

and then, suddenly, someone recognize him [suspect 2] as one of a son of a well-to-do family, his father is a rich software engineer and this guy had gone missing for a month. he left home without taking his phone or wallet and FBI even got involved even though it was a presumed suicide.

well, weird right? why on earth would a guy like this suddenly wanna become a terrorist? o.O

this is a video of the family asking them to come back.

okay. leave that to your brain to tell you the information laa.

so finally, after 3 hours of official locking down at Watertown, and guns flying here and there, this young chap was killed and his partner in crime is seriously wounded  he can't be question right now but i do hope that this case will be solve fast. haihh. those victims family deserve an explanation from this man lor. i think the whole world deserve an explanation.

not bad right his face?

one more news about this was the father of this boys said,

"All hell will break lose if his sons were killed by the police."

haihh. da buat salah right, then what about those victims families? those people who became handicapped  the girl who was a dancer and she have to get her legs amputated off? what do you want to say then to these people?!

ouh, they are from russia lor. so that means, russia and u.s are still in a war or what ah? i'm so poor in this kind of history. boo me.

anyway, let's remember boston in prayers.


be kind to one another and keep peace. God bless.

eunice gm.

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Day 9: A letter to your favorite singer

hello. i just got back from a professional course and i can say i had a productive day till now. haha. once i'm in the room, the productivity level drops a lot due to the excessive usage of internet and the bed which is so seducing right now. haha.

okay. let's get back to this then later continue with my unproductive things. ahah.

Dear Favorite Singersss,

     You have been the light unto my dark life, my beloved. ouh, how i wish i could see you face to face.

     nah. i do love one direction but i don't love it to bits. there are other girls out there who will do that for me i think. haha. i admit i am not the biggest fan but i do know that i love to see you guys face to face one day. it would be a huge thing for me i think. so many girls would be super jealous oh. lol.
     anyway, one direction, i do pray for your success in here that you guys will continue to make music for the ears and not only for the faces that you guys have *though that's bonus*.
     all the best in you guys career and make all your fans pround! =D

eunice gm.

tomorrow is the last day for this challenge oh. time do flies huh?

Apr 19, 2013

Day 8: A letter about something you wish you could do over

a brand new day. hoola there. i'm so sorry if i had not had the chance to visit those awesome bloggers who had visited and followed my humble blog. i'm really sorry. when my test and due-date-too-soon assignment are done, i will sure visit back and followed. so soo so sorry. ><

anyway, let's get back to my challenge. two days more to go. wee~

Dear Something That I Wish I Could Do Over,
     well, there's one thing that i wish i could do over. hmmm. =(
     dancing has been part of my life since i was 5, but due to pindah-rendah of the family, financial problems, plus a little awesome-cute-but-don't-let-him-know brother, things have to be cut down and one of it is dancing. then, i joined a non ballet class,  a class which teaches us contemporary dancing and tambourine  it was a class full of joy and when you dances, there's nothing that can stop me from feeling so happy. it was super awesome laa the feelings!
     then, UPSR came. f**k upsr. pfft. i kept practicing that mom decided to take me out from the class. she said that being a student who is suppose to take a BIG exam, i should stop myself from all these classes. dang. so i was pulled out and became a nerd for the rest of my life  lol. just that a nerd which don't really get good results always laa. ahaha.

     till now, when there is a dance performance than got laa join but that's all my limit. no more stretching done. i think hor all my muscles became old already laa. lol.
     i do miss dancing though. hmm. so, the thing that i wish i had done was telling mom that i don't want to stop. if only i had continue right? if only i had the strength to say "No. i want to continue" but nah. hmm. ouh well, next time i'm sure my children will also love dancing. it's in the blood. lol.
     ahah. here is a picture of me and my partners in crime during a Bollywood performance for the MPP XI. ahh. don't laugh so much taw. just senyum kambing sudah. =P

     well, all left is memories. let dancing be a part of me but i think i'm gonna be a ballet mother next time. =P

eunice gm.

goodbye virtual world. got to run for a meeting soon! busy day ahead!

Apr 18, 2013

Day 7: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

hello! =D

i think this is going to be a short entry. lol.

Dear Someone Who Has Hurt Me Recently,
     ouh well, i don't really remember who has hurt me recently so i think i'm just going to say, the hurt has been done. i think i would have learn something from it too so therefore, let's just put it behind. 
     goodbye. =D

eunice gm.

i wish i had someone who had hurt me recently but there's no one that i remember right now. hmmm. it's either i don't always social with people or i'm just a nice person that people don't hurt me. lol. #jk

happy thursday people!

btw, i have a good news today. i went for a check-up and the results are negative. woohoo! praise the Lord right? hallelujah! =D

Apr 17, 2013

Day 6: A letter to someone you look up to

hello there. a brand new day and a brand new challenge.

Dear Someone Who I Look Up to,
     out of all people, i think i look up most to you. you have been strong for me when i was going through troubles. you had been there for me when i cry my tears out. you had been there for me to hold me down when i tried to end this life. you had been there for me when i needed someone to hold me close without saying anything. 
     i'm thankful that i have you as a mom. i'm really thankful that you brought me to this world. though there are many things that we both argued and quarreled about, but you are still there for me to be my secret best friend.
     the reason i look up to you is that i don't think that there is any other mother in this world that can compare themselves to you. *it may not work with other children* but to me, if i were to be given a chance to choose a mother, i would definitely choose you. you have been through so much for this family that i don't think that any mother would be able to go through this alone, staying strong for the family through thick and thin and never letting us see your tears.
     thank you for being there for me. thank you for praying for me each time you open up your eyes. thank you for bringing me to this world. thank you for everything. i love you always mi! =D
"Lord, thank you for blessing me with my mom. I know sometimes I am not the perfect child. I know I challenge her a lot with my views and actions, but I also know that You have given me to her so she can love me.
I pray, Lord, that you continue to bless her with patience for me as I grow up and become more independent. I ask You to give her a sense of peace about my choices and to allow us to talk about the things that sometimes come between us.
I also ask, Lord, for you to comfort her and give her happiness in the areas of her life where she needs You most. I pray that You continue to bless her relationships and ask for her to have joy and success in the things she wants to do and achieve.
Lord, I also ask for You to bless me with wisdom, love, and understanding for my mom. I pray that You give me a heart that continues to love my mother and open up my mind to what she wants for me. Let me not take for granted the sacrifices she has made fore me. I ask for You to bless me with patience in times when I do not understand, and the openness to show my love for her.
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with my mother. I pray for continued blessings on my family and all the things we do for one another. In Your name, Amen."

eunice gm.

happy wednesday peeps! man, time sure past huh?

Apr 16, 2013

Day 5: A letter to someone you will never forget

wow. i'm in day 5 liao? 5 more days to go then! =D

Dear Someone I Will Never Forget,
     obviously, it will be you. how can i forget all the memories that we went through? how can i forget all the "hardships" and the "goodships" that we both could came out alive? how can i forget those months where we spend together? ahah. it's too.... unforgettable? 
     i do want to thank you though. it's been a real pleasure to be able to be your companion for those few months and i had learn many things from the experience that we both had been together. it was nice. =)
     anyway, i do feel a little sad that after all we both went through, the way we part was sad. haha. i thought we could be different but i came across this one day and i sure hope its the good thing.

"it's either they don't love each other from the beginning or they still have feelings for each other."

     so, i thank God that we ARE normal. haha. i would love to keep the friendship but guess that's impossible. 
     anyway, thank you and God bless. =D

eunice gm.

i think i'm going to turn in. i'm tired. have a happy tuesday!

Hallway Swimming Going Viral

first it was gangnam style, then harlem shake, then kiyomi cute song, and now? swimming! yipeee! i love swimming!

anyway, here is the video. i don't think there's a slippery hallway like that in malaysia. are there? if there is, somewhere near me, in university, one fine day, before i graduate, i would LOVE to do that. with friends ofcourse. ahah. XD

interesting huh? wanna do it? XD

Pray For Boston

hello there. i would like to share something sad and devastated today. =(

two bombs exploded after a marathon in Boston and 3 people were killed, and at least 141 injured. the youngest who are injured are age 2. if not mistaken, there are 2 8-year-old kids who died. =(

it's so sad that this kind of things happens in our society. why human beings are so evil to do these kind of things to the humanity? it breaks my heart when i think of those people who have to lose their family and friends. it's so.........., i got no words to say. it's just so sad.

my tears and sympathy goes out to boston. there are reasons for these things to happen but be strong. the reasons may be unknown right now but one day, one day, things will turn out okay. =(

Lord, i just ask of You to be with them during this time of trouble and let them know that You are there with them oh Lord. 

Apr 15, 2013

Day 4: A letter to someone you miss

i got a feeling that this would be a mushy letter.

Dear Someone That I Miss,
     it has been a few months since i last saw you and the feeling of missing you is the worse that i ever felt in my life. it's like i will never be able to see you ever again and those feelings are so scary for me. it's so weird cause this is the first time in my life that i would miss someone till tears can fall anytime when i think of you but yeah, that's the truth. i guess you are more than just a somebody in my life.  i guess, you had really change my whole life. 
     i'm thankful though that i still miss you cause it reminds me that you do exists and there is no dream about us both. i'm thankful cause i learn to appreciate the people around me more than i used to do and i'm glad that this had bough such a change in me. guess it was God's plan. ahh.
     anyway, have you ever heard of the sentence, "one day, we will meet again?" i'm trusting on that one. haha. 
     if one day. one day. you might accidently found this post, always remember that i will always miss you. 
     i love you. 

"Heaven and Earth, we share, God will be the bridge between us both."

eunice gm.

all is well. all is well. God is in charge of everything. =)

happy monday peeps. =)

Day 3: A letter to the person you like

man, i suck in this. haha. only in the second day and ouh well. =________=

okay. let's get on with it.

Dear Someone That I Like,
     hi there. i don't really know what to say so i think i'm going to keep this short and sweet. okaay. =)
     well, first of all, hello. our first meeting one another is during orientation and it was through a small misunderstanding but that was the moment that i though you look cute. lol.
     then, accidently talking about you to my friends was a big mistake? they always goes havoc when they see you around. guess that happen to all girls who are having a crush i guess. ahah.
     anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you, know you, talked to you, sending messages to you but guess our "relationship" did not turn out that well? ahah. guess it was just a attraction.
     ouh well, but i do like you still. ahah. *awkward*
     okay. i think i'm going to end this letter. someone who knows you might read this and by that time i would be dead meat. lol. XD

eunice gm.

lol. that was weird. haha.

btw, i'm back in uni. blog won't be so busy with updates anymore i guess except these challenges. thank God it's only 10 days. ahah.

see you when i see you!

P/s: ouh. to those who followed me, i'm glad you do. welcome to my rink. will follow you back when i have the time. =D

Apr 13, 2013

Day 2: A letter to your parents

Today is Day 2 in my letter challenge. man. time flies. in 24 hours time, i would be back in uni. haihh. end of mid semester break is here. haihh.

Dear parents,
     i am glad that i have you guys as my parents. i am glad that i am born into this family eventhoguh there are problems in our family but who can deny that their family have no problems right? each family has their own problems and i think the problems that hit our family is muych "suitable" for our taste. lol. 
     anyway, i wanna say thank you so much for bringing me into this world. a world which is harsh and at times i do blame you guys for bringing me into this world but ouh well. it is fated eh? lol. i wanna thank you for teaching me all the things that you guys had taught me, the food and clothings that you guys had lay on the table for me since i'm young and thank you for giving me a brother who i love to bits.
     i'm sorry for any mistakes that i had done and prone to do *hope not* and again, thank you. it's been a real pleasure. lol.
     i love you guys! especially...mi. ahah. =D

eunice gm.

well, that's all for today! happy saturday peeps!

Things To Share

hello there.

tonight has been a busy night for me. the whole family went out for dinner, buy new shampoo *weeweet* and went for yamcha *decided by mi*. it was late night when i manage to sit in my favorite armchair and start typing in here.

now, there are a few things which i wanna share but it kept running off my mind. i don't know what has fill my mind nowadays. lol.

first of all, i broke my thumb finger. i had ranted about this on my twitter account since last week i think. it has get serious from day 1 and i think it's going to rip off any sooner. i don't think it is that obvious in this picture. the stupid *but faithful* camera of mine wouldn't let me snap a better picture so this is the best it can give me. ouh well. let it be in my time capsule for me alone then. lol. it is f***ing painful right now but since i had bear the pain for a few weeks now, this shouldn't be a problem right?

and don't worry. when this f***ing nail rips off, i'm sure to post it in here. it has been a great suffering for me. boo thumb. da laa it's one of my favorite nail and because of this, i can't do any manicure. boo it again.

ouh. guess who's at the background? ahak. =D

the next coming things are good stuff. please do keep in mind that this post are things that i just wanna share. =P

see that big yellow nose and red body? ;)

i am a big fan of him! he's super cute, adorable, smart, sweet, lovely,fabulous and everything good laa! beloved mi bought him for me. ahah. i couldn't say anything when she told me that she bought this for me. at times, i just can't understand her. when i really want something, she says "NO" but when i had forgotten all about it, she suddenly pops it out from nowhere and tells me that she got a surprise for me. ahah. =D

i will love you always mr elmo!
btw, mr cookie monster is in the glass shelf in my room now. don't wanna keep him by my side due to personal reasons. i do miss him at some nights though. =(

ouh well, third thing is...i got my passport! =D

this passport can't bring me go overseas though but it can earn me points and it is making me one of the VIP of my favorite beauty and health store. geez. i had been thinking about getting this some time ago but had been holding it out there for so long. finally, i decided that it has to be done sooner or later. anyway, always go there but gain no other profits wouldn't be THAT fun compare to gaining something right? *cheeky smile*

last but not least, vampire diaries. 

okay. i know that i am FARRRRR left behind but... do let me enjoy this feelings. buying it is impossible cause the money that i spend on this can be spend in a better way and since i'm gonna read it once only, why not just borrow it right? thanks to my beloved library in uni, i manage to get this books in my hand for 2 weeks. *better than nothing*

only in the first book though. =(

isin't she's cute. =D
i used her to be a stand for the books. 

and so that ends this post.

ahh. i think i had rest enough for this past week. next week, class are going to start as usual and my going-to-be-due assignment are not done yet. ouh God. what have i done. 

got to run! 

goodnight and....

one last picture. my french classmates always do this hairstyle when they come to class. i don't think i would dare to bring this in public eyes. haha. let it be in the pictures sudah. 

i look pale. is it because of the light or what ha? =________=
nah. i think it's the editing. silly me.

eunice gm.

Apr 12, 2013

Happy 22nd Birthday Jing Wen!

it's her birthday. it's her birthday. it's her birthday! XD

today marks the day where she has been alive in this world for 22 years. man. she is old. :p

today marks the day where she has learn a lot in this harsh world and i'm sure she has lotsa memories to share with her grandchildren in the future.

today marks the day where she is ready to face the adult world truly, and faithfully. why? because when someone reaches 21 years old, that person is just getting ready to be an adult but when that someone steps into 22, that someone has come to the stage where she has to be stand on her own.

but i doubt so. this girl of mine will always have friends and family that will stand with her all the way till she become old granny.

to my dear girlfriend which i had just met two years ago, i just wanna say,

Happy Birthday darling! May God bless you in everything that you do! learn always and never ever EVER give up. i love you! xoxo! 

Segmen Blogwalking 24 Jam by Emas Putih

one more segmen that i joined in this month. man. i'm going gaga huh? ouh well, it's okay. i get to know more bloggers in this virtual world...and...try my luck? ahah. ;)

Movie Review: The Impossible

Its friday and it also means that there's no dramas on teli like any other days. therefore, mom decided to watch the new movie that i just bought a few days ago. it's kinda fun when she joins me together during movie time cause she is well-known for saying this:

"why waste money buy these dvds? you watch it one time then you just chuck it somewhere else later."

when asked if she wanna watch movie,

" don't want laa. i better do something else."

well, that scenario will not happen if it is a movie that she is familiar with, like Singapore movies directed by jack neo or either that movie has someone who she likes. other than that, dream on.

so i was kinda surprise when she decided to watch it with me. maybe it's the boredom that is killing her deep inside. lol.

anyway, this movie is great! it looks real. i wonder how they act it out eh? well, i cried a few times. not cry till tears came out but cry like sebak? haha.

it was sad. when this tragedy happen in the year 2004, all i did was watch the news and that's it. i don't know anything else. *maybe it's because i'm only 12?* anyway, watching this today lefts me a deep impact.

there's pain, sorrow, and death in a few seconds time. it was so fast. the waves, the things from land, the trees, all hitting you at once and though all those are painful to physical but nothing can beat the pain of emotional. the feeling of losing a love one, a close kin, it's all so pain right?

it's so scary.

ouh well, what am i doing. haha.

anyway, i give this movie 5/5. it was a great movie. the dream of going to other places to help others are growing bigger in me.

p/s: those kids are cute! :D

eunice gm.

Day 1: A Letter To Your Bestfriend

wow. this is tough. i have quite a number of best friends in my hands. lol. however, i think i'm going to dedicate this letter to both of my besties aka sistas!

Dear bestfriends, 
     Friends are people who are in your social contacts. they are people who you pull "cable" with in times of trouble but best friends are people who will stand by you no matter what happen. they are the people who will cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, call you names but laugh together like people coming out of Tampoi, people whose memories created together can never be erased from the brain.
     therefore, i just want to say thank you for everything. i meant it, EVERYTHING. from the bottom of my heart, i want to express my gratitude for being by my side when things get rough, happy, sad, crazy, everything laa. 
     i will never regret the day where we first met. if it is possible, i would love to create those moments again but i guess life is all about creating new memories right? AND i want to create more memories with you guys. happy, sad, anything laa though i prefer to have more happy memories than the sad wan laa. lol. 
     plus minus, i think our friendships have lasted for 8 years? i just hope it will continue till our grandchildren and if possible, great-grandchildren. i really wanna see you guys laugh without your teeth. lol. that would be awesome! XD
     will keep this short though. don't want to get all mushy in here. ahah. i love you guys Nishantini and Reshpreet Riar! God bless you guys in everything that you touches and will be praying for you guys everyday! xoxo! 
     i love you guys! <3!

eunice gm.

there. this is interesting. ahah. happy Friday peeps! :D

Apr 11, 2013

Blog Challenge 2013

have you ever did a challenge which entertains your readers but at the same time makes you crack your head to fulfilled the terms and conditions?

i did.

it was awful. i did it with my previous blog "Watch Me Live My Life" and man. it was tough. i don't know how people can cope with it. haha. guess i'm not a person with creative minds, patience or whatsoever. ahah.

however, since i had decided that this blog will be my time capsule FOREVER *couldn't help to emphasize it* so i decided to do this. i think, every blog should have one at least right? :p

so, i googled around and i found this:
*do click it. don't be shy*

it's too much for me i think but i found two challenge which i think are interesting.

Letters Challenge

Day 10: A letter to your favorite actor/actress.

the other challenge is the typical 30 days challenge. more to personal stuff like favorite artist laa, favorite fiction book laa, and so on laa.

i think i'm gonna go with this. letter challenge. hmm. :)

maybe. just maybe. it's gonna begin today. or tomorrow. or the day after. ouh eunice. she just loves to procrastinate right? lol. wtf.


eunice gm.

Segmen Saya Nak Menang Hadiah Dan Dibloglist

Dengan sukacitanya blog Nabila Biela mengadakan segmen Saya nak menang hadiah dan dibloglist. Korang tak perlu follow banyak sponsor...just follow blogNabila Biela dan sponsor yang lain just like pages. Haa best tak??jom tengok syarat-syarat yang lain.

1) Follow blog ni dan like pages
2) Like pages semua sponsor
3) Buat satu entry dan tepek banner kat atas dan link kan ke entry blog ni
4) Letak link blog ini dalam bloglist korang*kalau umum pemenang nanti senang korang nak tahu kan?*
5) TAMAT 20 /4/2013*kalau ramai yang join akan ditamatkan awal*
6) Copy paste je senarai hadiah dan segmen ini ditaja tu ya=)



VOUCER TIKET WAYANG X 2 ORANG*tajuk ikut suke korang*
Kardigan X 2
Legging X 2
Tony Moly Tint X 2
Topup RM5 X 1
Manicure Set X 2
Bloglist oleh aku sendiri X 10




SENARAI PESERTA*akan diupdate dari semasa ke semasa*

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Apr 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #6

a good inspiration to remind everyone, including myself that never let people, feelings, or emotions to control the way we handle our life. we have to stand up and hit life stronger than before. 

what's the use of having a life and letting other people to control us? 

eunice gm.

Wordless Wednesday- On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the 'wordless' title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn't need any description.

Benefits Of Seaweed

My beloved mom just bought for both of us 2 big containers of this jelly-like-stuff. she said its good for health and so, seeing that she is so generous on this, i just give it a try.

today is my second day of eating it *well, not really the second day as today is supposed to be yesterday. ouh well. the disadvantage of blogging in the middle of the night* and i decided to googled about the benefits of it.

Seaweed kelp contains high levels of silicon which can renew skin cells on the scalp. Its amino acids also stimulate follicles and encourage hair growth.
Wrap a bit of seaweed around a cut under a bandage and it can help to stop the bleeding, according to experts in Tokyo.
The grains in seaweed can get into the layers of the skin and help to emulsify fat. This boosts circulation and helps wash away the fat that can cause cellulite.
A jelly-like substance in seaweed, called alginate, hides the insulin-making cells before the body can kill them. It’s being tested but eventually could help the UK’s 1.8million diabetes sufferers.
E is for ECZEMA
Seaweed contains iodine which makes it an excellent treatment for dry skin conditions and eczema. It’s already used in cosmetics – including mega-pricey celeb favourite Creme De La Mer.
F is for FLU
It could be more effective at fighting this virus than conventional drugs, according to experts in Japan. Scientists took a substance called MC26 from the seaweed and, after testing it on animals, believe it can destroy the flu virus with fewer side-effects than current medicines.
Recent studies found that glaucoma patients can reduce the pressure they feel in their eyes with a diet high in beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and the mineral selenium. Seaweed contains all four.
H is for HEART
Tucking into a clump of seaweed at dinner could ward off heart attacks, according to experts in Dublin. It contains a rich source of proteins called bioactive peptides which can lower blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of heart problems.
I is for ITCHING
Seaweed can help moisturise the skin and provide relief from itchy, dry or flaky skin. The Seaweed Bath Company offers body washes, body butters and shampoo and conditioners for itchy scalps.
Seaweed contains anti-inflammatory compounds called fucoidans and polyphloroglucinols that can help fight conditions such as osteoarthritis.
A seaweed broth could be extremely beneficial for the health of the kidneys as it gets rid of excess acid and takes the burden off the kidneys’ filtration system.
L is for LONG LIFE
People in Iceland enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world and many believe this is down to their love of dried seaweed, known locally as sol. Experts say it absorbs fat from the body.
M is for MUSCLE
Seaweed contains potassium which can help to build muscles and speed up metabolism.
N is for NAUSEA
Because seaweed grows underwater, the sun’s rays are magnified and this increases the algae’s vitamin and mineral content. An upset stomach can often be the result of a deficiency in the body, so seaweed would help redress the balance, leaving the stomach feeling calm and regular.
O is for OMEGA 3
Like oily fish, seaweed is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which can help stave off dementia. A diet rich in essential fatty acids may also protect against cancer and heart disease.
Seaweed is high in iodine and folic acid. Both can assist in the development of a healthy foetus and decrease the chance of a baby having birth defects. Iodine boosts fertility, so it may also help you get pregnant.
These are a group of large muscles on the front of the thigh and should be the strongest in the body. Seaweed is a great source of protein so can help keep them toned and strong.
Tucking into a bit of seaweed could put you in the mood for sex, according to research carried out in Melbourne, Australia. Experts say it contains minerals that can boost your libido.
S is for STROKES
Using seaweed granules on food for flavour instead of salt could save lots of UK lives. The granules’ sodium level is 3.5 per cent – compared to 40 per cent in salt used by the food industry.
T is for TEETH
Seaweed is a one of the richest plant sources of calcium so it’s great for keeping your gnashers strong and healthy.
U is for ULCERS
Leg ulcers cost the NHS hundreds of millions a year and 100,000 people suffer in the UK. One dressing doctors use is called an alginate. It’s made from seaweed and is great for healing.
Seaweed contains more vitamin C than an orange. This protects cells in the body and keeps them healthy. It also looks after tissue and organs.
Starting your day with a seaweed shake could be the secret to keeping slim. Dutch scientists found that adding algae to a drink suppressed hunger pangs by 30 per cent and kept dieters feeling full until lunchtime.
X is for X-RAY
During dental X-rays, the body absorbs radioiodine into the thyroid gland and in some cases this can cause damage. But seaweed contains the mineral iodine which floods the thyroid gland and stops the uptake of radioiodine, reducing the impact of scans.
Y is for YOUTH
Seaweed is the key to looking young and is used in lots of anti-ageing products. Its high concentrations of fatty acids means it can protect against collagen and elastin degradation.
Z is for ZITS
Over-the-counter drugs containing brown seaweed have proved effective against acne – possibly spelling the end of nasty break-outs. Researchers in Italy found that a specific type of brown seaweed found off the coast of Brittany could diminish acne by regulating oil production, removing bacteria and reducing redness.

this is what i put into my mouth each day. before breakfast and before bed time. 3 tea spoons. i just hope this really gives me the benefits. ahak.

there. interesting right? i don't know where mom bought it from but i'm so not going to stop..........*small voice*....though its too bland for me. urgh.