Apr 20, 2013

Baddies Of Boston Had Been Caught

Remember this post about #PrayForBoston? well, this time it's not a sad news but it is a good news. hah.

those baddies had been caught and there are some weird news about those guys.

these bastards *do pardon me. pfft* are Dzhokhar and Tamerlan (26 years old) and they are immigrants of Chechen origin. *they are brothers fyi*

there was cameras which caught them at the scence and here they are:

this is suspect 1.

and this is suspect 2.

and then, suddenly, someone recognize him [suspect 2] as one of a son of a well-to-do family, his father is a rich software engineer and this guy had gone missing for a month. he left home without taking his phone or wallet and FBI even got involved even though it was a presumed suicide.

well, weird right? why on earth would a guy like this suddenly wanna become a terrorist? o.O

this is a video of the family asking them to come back.

okay. leave that to your brain to tell you the information laa.

so finally, after 3 hours of official locking down at Watertown, and guns flying here and there, this young chap was killed and his partner in crime is seriously wounded  he can't be question right now but i do hope that this case will be solve fast. haihh. those victims family deserve an explanation from this man lor. i think the whole world deserve an explanation.

not bad right his face?

one more news about this was the father of this boys said,

"All hell will break lose if his sons were killed by the police."

haihh. da buat salah right, then what about those victims families? those people who became handicapped  the girl who was a dancer and she have to get her legs amputated off? what do you want to say then to these people?!

ouh, they are from russia lor. so that means, russia and u.s are still in a war or what ah? i'm so poor in this kind of history. boo me.

anyway, let's remember boston in prayers.


be kind to one another and keep peace. God bless.

eunice gm.

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