Apr 11, 2013

Blog Challenge 2013

have you ever did a challenge which entertains your readers but at the same time makes you crack your head to fulfilled the terms and conditions?

i did.

it was awful. i did it with my previous blog "Watch Me Live My Life" and man. it was tough. i don't know how people can cope with it. haha. guess i'm not a person with creative minds, patience or whatsoever. ahah.

however, since i had decided that this blog will be my time capsule FOREVER *couldn't help to emphasize it* so i decided to do this. i think, every blog should have one at least right? :p

so, i googled around and i found this:
*do click it. don't be shy*

it's too much for me i think but i found two challenge which i think are interesting.

Letters Challenge

Day 10: A letter to your favorite actor/actress.

the other challenge is the typical 30 days challenge. more to personal stuff like favorite artist laa, favorite fiction book laa, and so on laa.

i think i'm gonna go with this. letter challenge. hmm. :)

maybe. just maybe. it's gonna begin today. or tomorrow. or the day after. ouh eunice. she just loves to procrastinate right? lol. wtf.


eunice gm.

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