Apr 12, 2013

Day 1: A Letter To Your Bestfriend

wow. this is tough. i have quite a number of best friends in my hands. lol. however, i think i'm going to dedicate this letter to both of my besties aka sistas!

Dear bestfriends, 
     Friends are people who are in your social contacts. they are people who you pull "cable" with in times of trouble but best friends are people who will stand by you no matter what happen. they are the people who will cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, call you names but laugh together like people coming out of Tampoi, people whose memories created together can never be erased from the brain.
     therefore, i just want to say thank you for everything. i meant it, EVERYTHING. from the bottom of my heart, i want to express my gratitude for being by my side when things get rough, happy, sad, crazy, everything laa. 
     i will never regret the day where we first met. if it is possible, i would love to create those moments again but i guess life is all about creating new memories right? AND i want to create more memories with you guys. happy, sad, anything laa though i prefer to have more happy memories than the sad wan laa. lol. 
     plus minus, i think our friendships have lasted for 8 years? i just hope it will continue till our grandchildren and if possible, great-grandchildren. i really wanna see you guys laugh without your teeth. lol. that would be awesome! XD
     will keep this short though. don't want to get all mushy in here. ahah. i love you guys Nishantini and Reshpreet Riar! God bless you guys in everything that you touches and will be praying for you guys everyday! xoxo! 
     i love you guys! <3!

eunice gm.

there. this is interesting. ahah. happy Friday peeps! :D


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