Apr 13, 2013

Day 2: A letter to your parents

Today is Day 2 in my letter challenge. man. time flies. in 24 hours time, i would be back in uni. haihh. end of mid semester break is here. haihh.

Dear parents,
     i am glad that i have you guys as my parents. i am glad that i am born into this family eventhoguh there are problems in our family but who can deny that their family have no problems right? each family has their own problems and i think the problems that hit our family is muych "suitable" for our taste. lol. 
     anyway, i wanna say thank you so much for bringing me into this world. a world which is harsh and at times i do blame you guys for bringing me into this world but ouh well. it is fated eh? lol. i wanna thank you for teaching me all the things that you guys had taught me, the food and clothings that you guys had lay on the table for me since i'm young and thank you for giving me a brother who i love to bits.
     i'm sorry for any mistakes that i had done and prone to do *hope not* and again, thank you. it's been a real pleasure. lol.
     i love you guys! especially...mi. ahah. =D

eunice gm.

well, that's all for today! happy saturday peeps!

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