Apr 15, 2013

Day 4: A letter to someone you miss

i got a feeling that this would be a mushy letter.

Dear Someone That I Miss,
     it has been a few months since i last saw you and the feeling of missing you is the worse that i ever felt in my life. it's like i will never be able to see you ever again and those feelings are so scary for me. it's so weird cause this is the first time in my life that i would miss someone till tears can fall anytime when i think of you but yeah, that's the truth. i guess you are more than just a somebody in my life.  i guess, you had really change my whole life. 
     i'm thankful though that i still miss you cause it reminds me that you do exists and there is no dream about us both. i'm thankful cause i learn to appreciate the people around me more than i used to do and i'm glad that this had bough such a change in me. guess it was God's plan. ahh.
     anyway, have you ever heard of the sentence, "one day, we will meet again?" i'm trusting on that one. haha. 
     if one day. one day. you might accidently found this post, always remember that i will always miss you. 
     i love you. 

"Heaven and Earth, we share, God will be the bridge between us both."

eunice gm.

all is well. all is well. God is in charge of everything. =)

happy monday peeps. =)

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