Apr 16, 2013

Day 5: A letter to someone you will never forget

wow. i'm in day 5 liao? 5 more days to go then! =D

Dear Someone I Will Never Forget,
     obviously, it will be you. how can i forget all the memories that we went through? how can i forget all the "hardships" and the "goodships" that we both could came out alive? how can i forget those months where we spend together? ahah. it's too.... unforgettable? 
     i do want to thank you though. it's been a real pleasure to be able to be your companion for those few months and i had learn many things from the experience that we both had been together. it was nice. =)
     anyway, i do feel a little sad that after all we both went through, the way we part was sad. haha. i thought we could be different but i came across this one day and i sure hope its the good thing.

"it's either they don't love each other from the beginning or they still have feelings for each other."

     so, i thank God that we ARE normal. haha. i would love to keep the friendship but guess that's impossible. 
     anyway, thank you and God bless. =D

eunice gm.

i think i'm going to turn in. i'm tired. have a happy tuesday!

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