Apr 18, 2013

Day 7: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

hello! =D

i think this is going to be a short entry. lol.

Dear Someone Who Has Hurt Me Recently,
     ouh well, i don't really remember who has hurt me recently so i think i'm just going to say, the hurt has been done. i think i would have learn something from it too so therefore, let's just put it behind. 
     goodbye. =D

eunice gm.

i wish i had someone who had hurt me recently but there's no one that i remember right now. hmmm. it's either i don't always social with people or i'm just a nice person that people don't hurt me. lol. #jk

happy thursday people!

btw, i have a good news today. i went for a check-up and the results are negative. woohoo! praise the Lord right? hallelujah! =D

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