Apr 20, 2013

Day 9: A letter to your favorite singer

hello. i just got back from a professional course and i can say i had a productive day till now. haha. once i'm in the room, the productivity level drops a lot due to the excessive usage of internet and the bed which is so seducing right now. haha.

okay. let's get back to this then later continue with my unproductive things. ahah.

Dear Favorite Singersss,

     You have been the light unto my dark life, my beloved. ouh, how i wish i could see you face to face.

     nah. i do love one direction but i don't love it to bits. there are other girls out there who will do that for me i think. haha. i admit i am not the biggest fan but i do know that i love to see you guys face to face one day. it would be a huge thing for me i think. so many girls would be super jealous oh. lol.
     anyway, one direction, i do pray for your success in here that you guys will continue to make music for the ears and not only for the faces that you guys have *though that's bonus*.
     all the best in you guys career and make all your fans pround! =D

eunice gm.

tomorrow is the last day for this challenge oh. time do flies huh?

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