Apr 24, 2013

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary *this statement shows that this post may be long and emotional and randomly topics will pop out. beware*


Dear Diary,

this few days had been damn busy for me that i missed out so many things but thinking back of all the activities that i had done, it's like not that busy leh. i still got time to play games each day oh. haha.

anyway, the few things that i would love to rant about is, i missed the chance of joining the nuffnang campaign  assignments are beginning to top up, would love to share a story about the 17 year-old girl who saw her's mama died *sending all my condolence and love to this family*,  Day 10 challenge is not done *epic failure*, DOVE advertisement which is touching to heart *i think i shared this liao*, i got myself new manicure color, having plans of going vegetarian but i don't think it will be able to be successful due to love of meat *LOL*, final exam would be in june *which also means SOON*, plans to go to USS is on the way, running man episode 142 is in my hand, stories about politic but i don't think i would love to discuss about this. lol. i think i ranted a lot. lol.

okay. let's begin.

first of all, i received an email from Nuffnang saying this:

see? i think i had received this email a LONG time ago but since yesterday was the deadline, they decided to send it again to me. well, i am soooo sorry. i wish i could join. when i received this "reminder", all i could think off is who would like to join me and do this together2 but then when i saw the deadline, my hopes and dreams went down the drain in seconds. haihh. wasted one chance. boo me. =(

next thing is that there is this new game on facebook and it's something like candy crush so since i am stuck in candy crush, why not turn to this? AND i am stuck again. =_________=

ouhouh. my 10 days challenge is an epic failure, just to let you know. haha. i fail in keeping up with it but i think when i have the time then i will go and settle that laa. just to fulfilled the terms. i don't think i will ever do that type of challenge for the blogs ever again. lol. it's just too busy and i am the type of person who will put the important things first before anything. obviously, i thinks that that challenge is NOT that important. ahah.

will be sharing the 17 year old girl story soon. it's sad right? why are there so many crimes in malaysia nowadays hah? haihh.

so, last but not least *not gonna bored this post*, assignments and test are filling up on me and they are drowning me slowly. i don't know why do i still procrastinate but at times, the entertainment is much3 fun than sitting there and doing those assignments. haha. bak kata my OC lecturer,

The juice of creativity will flows when the assignment is due tomorrow. 
and she added in the last sentence.

ouh well, haha.

ouhouh! i still not yet scan through the new followers eh? i am soooo sorry! and those who came blog walking also not yet visit them back. haihh. just reminded of it when i was looking through the blog list. haihh.

well, all this proves that i am not a good blogger and i blog out of fun and not out of need. bah. what am i saying. lol.

well, goodbye peeps. rushing off to another round of games and off i head to class! =D

eunice gm.

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