Apr 7, 2013

First Few Days At Home

Holla there. =D

I came back home on thursday night and had been busy since then. thursday night was spend catching up on running man as i am far far away left behind and since i don't know the right way to download, i just have to wait for friends to past it to me. i somehow manage to obtained episode 135 to episode 138 and right now i'm waiting for episode 139. wee~~

On friday, i spend most of my time doing my assignment and some online project that i had long time ditch it away cause it involves grammar and more grammar. oh man.  i just hate grammar. pfft. =_______=

on saturday, i went for a short road trip to desaru fruit farm and back again. it wasn't that fun. i hurt my backbone during the ride home and it sucks. i just hate having back problems. pfft. we spend our afternoon there buying original honey and lotsa fruits. it seems that we go such a long way just to get a bunch of fruits but whatever. its parents decision so as kids, *long pause* we should just let them lead us. ahah.

today, i did not have any plans in mind except to lie down on the couch without my bra and wear a big comfy tee and shorts and walk around as if this house is mine *i mean on papers*.

i did it.

well, actually, it was the time of the month and i just prefer to lie in than to dress up and head out to the world for people to see. i would just love to drink a glass of chocolate and eat subway cookies but that is just impossible. ahah. jackfruits and sky juice replace it anyway. ;)

ouh. i spend my whole day *seriously* laying down and enjoy season 8 *i think* of Bones. ever watch it before? never did? then, i would love to recommend it to you. it is superb!

it is a mixture of gross, disgusting, awesome, interesting, funny, sad, crazy, and everything lah!

i cried 3 times watching this. the first was when the couple found out that they are carriers of a genetic disease and they were afraid that the child may be blind. it was so touching to see two souls bonding together to make everything work out between them. it's just so amazing. other times were when someone died and man. i just hate parts like that.

those script writer let u know all the characters personally and then one day, they decided to kill one of your favorite guy in the series. it was so painful! huh! but that is life huh? things can just turn bad overnight. ouh well.

so, this coming week what do i have in mind? well, none of my friends are gonna be in town so i guess i have to stick to home and finished up whatever work that i have in my hands right now. ouh well.

happy holidays people! ;)

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