Apr 2, 2013

Girl Eats Deodorant

i was at cyberlab today waiting for my ladies to finish their class and that was the only cool place to hang out. anyway, i went through my normal routine and i found this.

i was so shock at it! i mean, seriously? why on earth does she wanna do that for?? man. this world has crazy people in it who look normal.

if you can't watch it then, let me explain.

basically, this 19 year old girl name Nicole has an addiction which is eating deodorant. she loves to scoop them up with the cover and pops them into her mouth. this addiction of hers had started 2 years back and each month, she finishes 15 of it. she eats it when she is stress, she eats it when she feels liek eating it, she eats it when she wakes up.

seriously? not a april fool story la hor?


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