Apr 12, 2013

Happy 22nd Birthday Jing Wen!

it's her birthday. it's her birthday. it's her birthday! XD

today marks the day where she has been alive in this world for 22 years. man. she is old. :p

today marks the day where she has learn a lot in this harsh world and i'm sure she has lotsa memories to share with her grandchildren in the future.

today marks the day where she is ready to face the adult world truly, and faithfully. why? because when someone reaches 21 years old, that person is just getting ready to be an adult but when that someone steps into 22, that someone has come to the stage where she has to be stand on her own.

but i doubt so. this girl of mine will always have friends and family that will stand with her all the way till she become old granny.

to my dear girlfriend which i had just met two years ago, i just wanna say,

Happy Birthday darling! May God bless you in everything that you do! learn always and never ever EVER give up. i love you! xoxo! 

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